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  • Wowing Birthday Theme for Tomorrow’s Technologists

    Posted on August 27, 2013 by in Birthday Party, Themed Events.

    Birthday party is what every children look forward to. Traditionally, where you used to love getting surprises, today, the majority of the kids are smart enough to ask for a party. Though it is good to ask your little ones’ choice, but a surprise party is always expected to create wonder. Your kid would definitely be delighted to receive a surprise on his/her birthday. If he/she is a gadget lover, you can simply arrange a gadget-themed birthday party for your kid. But be very sure to execute the plan secretly. Well, you can involve your husband or a few relative in the plan too.

    Themed Birthday Party Planning

    • Get Started with Booking a Venue: If you wish to organize a grand party, make sure to book the venue as soon as possible. Keeping this task for the last can be pretty difficult. Now days, the venues get booked at least before 6 months to 1 year of the occasion. Hope, you can now understand the exact time to book a venue for your child’s birthday party. However, if you have a large house with a lot of space in it, you can simply arrange a party in your residence, avoiding the trouble of booking a venue separately.
    • Selecting the Decoration: The place or the venue should resemble the theme of the party. Based on which the decors should be purchased. You can hire an event management company who can design the models of the various gadgets with the help of the streamers, balloons and lights. Find out which are the gadgets that are majorly liked by your kids. You can even buy some lovely stickers designed like that of tablets, smart phones and other gadgets. You can hire disposable cups that are printed with the images of the gizmos.
    • Choosing the Game: A birthday party would look faded without any games. Plan an amazing game idea for the themed party. You can arrange for the games that are mostly played by your kids in the gadgets. It could be Infinity Blade II, an action game that can be organized by renting the video game machines. Or else the best and affordable way would be to download this game in your mobile and connect it to a projector and allow your kid and his guests to enjoy playing the fun game via it. You may add-on some accessories to enable them keep a control over the game. Puzzle games such as Move the Muzzy, can also be organized.
    • To make the game event more exciting you can arrange for some prizes. You may offer them toy gadgets filled with chocolates and candies as a winning prize.
    • Selection of the Birthday Cake: There is no denial that the creamy dreamy birthday cake must be arrange based on the theme. Contact the confectioner and order for a gadget such as laptop, smart phone or tablet shaped cake. Choose the flavour according to your kid’s preference.
    • Food and Drinks: Party would be incomplete without these two. Thus, for your kid’s birthday party select the best of delicacies, all served in plates and glasses designed according to the theme.

    Well, then, if you are too busy to make an arrangement for the party, you can simply rely upon a reliable event management company.

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