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  • Why Choose Destination Wedding over Other Options?

    Posted on May 16, 2014 by in Event Management, Indian Wedding Decorators, Indian wedding planner, Kolkata Wedding Planner, wedding anniversary, wedding planner.

    These days a lot of love birds are planning to tie the knot in a unique style. And here is where destination wedding comes in the scenario. Offering a picture-perfect landscape, the several destination wedding locations are making dreams come true. Thus, destination weddings are increasingly becoming popular. Although, some may think that arranging a wedding event out of their hometown can be difficult, well, it isn’t the case always as there are many professional marriage planners across the globe that can assist you organizing a grand ceremony. Let’s take a look at the many advantages of opting for a destination wedding;
    Destination Wedding
    Ample Choices: When organising a wedding in your hometown, the first thing that comes in mind is booking a banquet hall or any open lawn, whereas destination wedding offers a wide selection of choices. From wonderful beaches, picaresque mountains to some lavish castles, destination wedding offers it all. Not only this, a lot of couples also choosing forest wedding styles to experience adventure. Additionally, such wedding are special because the pictures look lovely. The exotic spots offer beautiful background for your wedding.

    Flexible: Where a traditional style wedding is generally overloaded with places, times and requirements to meet the deadlines, destination wedding provides the flexibility of making own decision that is based in on what you actually want to do. Even though, there are a few guidelines, which you will need to follow during times, but then you will have the opportunity to make your planning accordingly.

    Saving on flowers: As you will have a mesmerising destination as the backdrop for your wedding, you will hardly require much flowers for decoration. Even if you need that, there are some destinations that offer flowers for half a price as they are native to their region.

    Saving on the rentals: Usually, marriage destination locations offer all that you require in one place. Thus, you can manage to save hundreds on the rental tools such as chairs, tables and many more. The wedding planner company that you hire would offer all these in an affordable package.

    The master plan: Let your destination wedding event organiser plan your day. Allow them to take over the planning phase of the marriage, so that you can enjoy your bit of time. Right from the food, table arrangement to decoration all are done by them.

    Time: When it comes to destination marriage you can expect to get more quality time to be able to spend with your near and dear ones. Not only the groom or the bride, all who are present in the ceremony, wishes to spend good time and gather good memories spend with their friends and families. And a destination marriage offers enough of such time.

    Activities: Regardless of where you select your destination wedding, you may get the opportunity to experience fun activities with your loved ones. Marriages taking place at the ski resort or private islands, invitees there can ho for boating hiking and snorkelling.

    Apart from these, if you choose destination wedding, you can always decide a location where you will also be able to enjoy your honeymoon. Therefore, you can avoid travelling again.

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