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  • Why a Wedding Planner is Imperative in Nuptial Ceremonies

    Posted on May 10, 2013 by in Event Manager, wedding planner.

    A wedding is a celebration of love, a definition agreed upon by people from diverse races, cultures, backgrounds and class. This consensus is the driving point behind the fact that everybody, deep down in their heart, wants their wedding to be ‘glamorous’ in a word. If you surf through wedding photographs of a newlywed friend or a relative or your parents, you would notice the grandeur that is timely. For a wedding to be organized in a neat and extravagant manner when budget is restricted, one needs a mastermind who has everything pictured and planned beforehand and seasoned to materialize wedding visions with happy results in the past. In short, a people’s planner is what you need to translate your dream into reality without as much as having to move a finger in the whole enterprise.

    Wedding Planning India

    Though the aphorism “money cannot buy happiness” has been highly overrated over the years, money can actually find a way for you to find happiness in the modern world. Whether it’s a gala party with 4000 invitees or a small secret wedding with a hundred close guests, leave it to your wedding organizer while you engage yourself in future planning or ready yourself for the life ahead. Most Hindu nuptials prefer a royal theme as it is grandiose and pretty much a classical fashion in the section.

    Secondly, brides have a big say in the selection of venues because it is the setting that pretty much decides how beautiful an event it will turn out to. Planners explore all the locations at hand matching the requirements of the clients, take pictures, list down highlights, rate suitability and then post them to the concerned person to check and feed them back. If this seems like an insufferably laborious job for you, you haven’t really got to the tiresome part of the job yet.

    Negotiating with the hotel manager or venue in-charge is something you’ll avoid at all expense, once you have an experience. Collecting quotes from all the options in hand, sorting them, parleying with the authority, summing up the other expenses and finally quoting a price to the client is much lengthier and more complicated a process than it sounds. Not just this, the part where a food menu is created and a caterer is assigned to arrange for it is actually more hassling in the sense that you have to make sure that quality of food is up to the mark, flavor and taste are appreciable, catering boys are courteous and generous, uniforms are impeccable and volume of food is just sufficient against the count of guests expected.

    Leaving out the job of finding a florist, putting up the decoration, arranging for the reception, organizing a DJ night, bringing in fireworks and music parties, a wedding is pretty much of a chaos if the responsibilities are not in able hands. Imagine your wedding without a planner and see if you have the manpower and patience to deal with it all when you are on the threshold of a new start when you need your peace of mind and calmness more than ever.

    A wedding event may turn into a complete bedlam if you bother not to opt for the services of a wedding planner and management solutions provider. Keep in mind that a single mistake from your side may spoil the entire ceremonial occasion. singles out the reasons for hiring a wedding planner.

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