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  • What to Keep in Mind While Selecting a Wedding Theme

    Posted on October 16, 2014 by in Event Management, Indian Wedding, Indian Wedding Decorators, Indian wedding planner, Indian Wedding Tips, Kolkata Wedding Planner, wedding planner.

    Wedding is one of the most important occasions that people love to make memorable. And a lot of aspects are responsible to make one wedding ceremony grand. First and foremost thing to plan in a wedding is the theme. Although selecting wedding theme may be tough at times, the decoration and arrangements must explore colorful and rich tradition and culture of Indian weddings. Some of the important aspects of a grand arrangement are –

    Floral DecorationsFlower – Flower and festival or occasion goes hand-in-hand. Similarly no marriage can be imagined without beautiful flowers. Flowers will make the ambiance elegant and welcoming. You can choose traditional flowers such as roses, night queen, jasmine or modern day flowers such as tulips, carnations, orchids and so on.

    Lights DecorationLights – Special light arrangements to be made in the sitting room whereas you can opt for candles and lantern with dim light in the dining hall.

    Wedding Color – Marriage is an occasion of bright colors and you can choose pastel and soft colors such as baby pink, golden, off white, light yellow and a lot more to name a few.

    Updated arrangements – Try to arrange for trendy and cozy seating arrangements for your guests. Most importantly, the banquets chair must be decorated with laces, net, flowers, ribbons and other decorative.

    Budget plays a vital role while planning for a wedding theme. Plan for that very special day much before it arrives. Proper planning can offer your guests the ambiance you wanted to create. Try to create a relaxing atmosphere for the evening and the day will be remembered for a long years to come.

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