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  • Weddings and Celebrations: The Story Behind the Scene

    Posted on February 27, 2013 by in Calcutta Wedding Planner, Event Management, Indian Wedding, Indian Wedding Decorators, Indian wedding planner, Kolkata Wedding Planner, Party Organizers, wedding planner.

    A wedding is a pious occasion that brings two people together in a socially acceptable manner, sometimes for a lifetime. The institution of marriage as celebrated through a wedding event should be gala. Pictures of grand and lavish weddings are all over the Internet that every user at some point of time must have inadvertently clicked into. If you wish to have a fairytale wedding, a plan and smooth execution are very important. Wedding cultures in India vary greatly, with different communities having diverse ritualistic practices and values.

    Indian marriageWhile religion plays a strong in determining the rituals that will be involved in the same, it is the family values that decide how many of them to practice and how many to abandon. While some prefer to keep it short and sweet, others like to make it a big affair with large batches of guests pouring in to compliment and greet the newly-wed. Wedding etiquettes for Hindus are usually elaborate, while for Christians they are neat and concise. Weddings are most complicated when they are interracial. However, don’t let the differences ruin the grandiose.

    A wedding planner is just the right person to plan it all out, right from getting the right wedding ring to buying the cheapest and best honeymoon travel package. Instead of oohing on the pictures of Kate Middleton’s grandiloquent wedding pictures, it is time you use the Internet to search out a responsible and dream worker wedding planner for your big day. Though the words might sound less believable for you, but there are planners who can materialize a dream-like wedding event without having you to cough up a fortune on it.

    Wedding planners do not take over just as most would assume. Instead, they work like partners, only taking up the hassles of dealing with vendors, haggling with them, sourcing goods, etc. You still get to make the decisions while they only carry them out for you in a given budget. The chief aim of wedding planners is to plan, organize and execute at a curtailed budget so that the clients can make the maximum savings. However, in return, the planner charges a sum of money for arranging everything. But, if you look at it otherwise, the planner saves you more than they actually ask for.  Moreover, it is quite an impossibility to manage the entire affair at such a short budget if you take it upon yourself to do.

    The professionals always have the supply line ready at the minimum amount possible which makes weddings so plush, yet so inexpensive. What’s even best is that the planners organize the wedding on behalf of both the parties. Hence, supplies for both the bride and the groom are covered and things are taken care in a joint fashion to ensure plummeted ado on both the parts.

    An Indian wedding is one of the most ceremonious events that are arranged to celebrate the conjugality of two people. Let yours be a paradigm for the rest of the world. With all the glitter and shine in the world, your wedding should have that razzle-dazzle that lights up the city.

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