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A Pompous Wedding for the Auspicious Bonding

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Theme Based Wedding

When the excitement and apprehension of the decision of marriage subside, the vacancy is filled with the stress and anxiety of arranging the event. Themes are what bring fashion and style to one of the most special days of your life. It’s not just hotshots like Katie Price and Keiran Haylor who choose to have a theme to make their ring-exchange function unforgettable. Though theme-based wedding events are a relatively new concept, it is a fad among the commons, with most to-be married couples enquiring about suitable and preferred themes for their respective occasions.

Avoiding funky themes like the Willy Wonka and Shrek that are imported from Hollywood, Subh Muhurat brings forth a plethora of incredible themes from the pages of history and changing trends of modern times to satisfy variable penchants of diverse cultures.

Royal WeddingRoyal Theme: Marriage king-style is the next most-preferred thing to be demanded after people took to living life king-size in their own ways. Obvious as it is, this theme will use a lot of razzle dazzle with rich floral decorations, flashy lightings, opulent feasts and a grand palace or fort as the venue.

Indian Theme: When we talk about a traditional Indian wedding, the theme is defined by gorgeousness. A big fat Indian wedding has a lot of lighting, use of colors, taffeta and bling, etc. Which makes it loud and joyous.

Typical Bengali Theme: Bengali weddings are all about rituals and traditions. Pre and post-wedding functions make the occasion grander and bigger. Use of the color red which symbolizes vermillion, the mark of marriage is seen in almost everything right from the decoration to the bridal sari, garlands to bangles. The color gold is also preferred for the occasion.

ThemeMughal Style: A notch more lavish and simply extraordinary is the Mughal style of wedding. Indian fashion is the key driving force of this theme with fineries designed by drawing inspiration from the history. Gorgeous trousseaus, twilight weddings, boisterous processions, graceful horses as the ride for the groom, fireworks, etc. together complete the theme.

Theme Love: The love theme in weddings symbolizes temperance and eternity of the feeling that brings two together. Use of soft colors, preferably pink, satin curtains, lacey table covers, bow chair covers, love gates, etc. is primary. A rather artistic way of decorating a love-themed wedding is to create the backdrop with large vinyl wallpapers printed with love poems by iconic poets in scrawl fonts. Adding large pictures of happy moments of the to-be-married all over the wallpaper and flower decorations makes it the most unconventional.

Theme Heaven: People with pure and eclectic tastes can try the heaven theme for their wedding event. Over-use of white with a touch of navy blue should make the background décor. Blue periwinkles, blue roses, dark lily-of-the-Niles, anemone, skyflower, spring starflower, etc. can be used to add color and make the theme of love and desire prominent.

Wedding Planning IndiaMoroccan Theme: A Moroccan theme is all about ostentation and luxury. A thing of those with epicurean taste, this theme has no negative connotation. Exuding wealth and richness from every corner of the decoration, the theme relies on African style designing, colors that bling, fantastic candelabras and chandeliers and sumptuous food that make the overall affair regal in a word.

Christian Theme: A Christian wedding theme relies on everything dainty and pure, which makes use of white a compulsion. White bridal gown, white marquee, white bouquet, white flower basket, white ring bearer, etc. make the setting pristine.

Buddhist Theme: A Buddhist theme usually comprises of outdoor locations and natural components like floral decorations, flower arcs, etc. Usually conducted in gardens and open-air venues, this theme is one of the most simplistic ones with a spiritual essence in it.

Bollywood Theme: Ever dreamt of getting married the celeb style? This should be your theme if you are looking for an overdose of glamour and luxury in your wedding. Use of bold colors, glitter and glimmer, a dash of fashion, gaudy jeweled decoration, exotic marriage halls, embellished chandeliers, etc. are the essential elements of the theme.

Theme weddingTheme Halloween: This might sound a tad too offbeat for a wedding, but that is until you behold the spectacle. Lighting is what makes the theme inspirational. An open-air wedding with the muhurat after sun-down, illuminated with lamp sheds and trees wrapped in lights can conjure an ethereal picture. Fake cobwebs, autumn leaf jars, mason jar magic lighting, pumpkin cauldrons to hold dry ice, pumpkin candelabras, etc. make the theme exclusive and brilliant.

Arabian Nights Theme: The mystique Arab theme is perfect for those who are looking for a feel of rarity and richness in their wedding. If you have read the One Thousand and One Nights in your childhood days, then you’ll be know that the riot of colors, candle lighting, embroidered magic carpet, mysterious lanterns, floor pillow space and mint tea served in Arabian styled glasses have all been borrowed from the descriptions of the book.

Theme Tagore: Last, but not the least is the Tagore theme that people with an artistic inclination will appreciate. Needless to say, this theme will have pencil sketches of the relegated and timeless poet with his poems scribbled and in black all over the wallpaper. White and black are the two prominent colors in this theme.

Pick what you think defines you and your relationship with the special one best.