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  • Wedding Cakes: A Scoop Full of Fresh Delight for Your Sweet Tooth

    Posted on July 5, 2013 by in Cakes, Wedding Cakes.

    Cakes in wedding ceremonies bring marvel to the occasion, while adding a touch of merriment with their fulfilling tastes and aesthetics. With delectable lumps of cream, chocolate, cheese and crackers baked into a legendary cake, weddings are just magnificent. A heavenly slice of a multi-tiered cheesecake, or a tri-layered vanilla sponge cake that melt in mouth pleasing all senses can give your esteemed guests enough reasons to remember your wedding for a very long time. In India, wedding cakes are brought in to treat the newlyweds and the invitees in both Hindu and Christian marriage celebrations. In recent times, the cake culture in Indian weddings has emerged due to Western influences in the people’s style of living.

    Thus, options have multiplied in count making it almost a temptation to cart in a huge cake in nuptial occasions as a show stealer. Take a look at these pretty pieces of culinary creations that can give you a good reason to be married.

    The Enchanted Forest Cake:

    Enchanted Forest Cake

    Though you might not find the exact Jan Pienowski masterpiece at the bakeries here, but you are sure to find something in their shelves worth investing in. This cake is sure to bring out the fairytale element in your wedding because of the artwork that adorns the milk-white façade of the cake. Usually featuring four tiers of varied shapes and sizes, the cakes are loved for the magical effects of the enchanting forest creepers, drawn around each tier. The more expert a baker you choose, the better gets the dressing.

    The Dark Chocolate Plaque Cake:

    Dark Chocolate Plaque Cake

    If the legendary chocolate cake is what fascinates you since the salad days, then you are welcome to a whole bakery of wedding chocolate cakes of extravagant sizes, inspiring designs and innovative shapes that will get you spoilt for a choice. A perfectly mod version of chocolate cakes is the splendid four-tier, fully vegetarian cake that reflects your high taste. Made with ambrosial succulent brownie plastered with milk chocolate plaques in a fancy slot arrangement, the cake is sprinkled with dark choco-chips and topped with sweetened strawberries. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

    The Blossom Cake

    The Blossom Cake

    Flowers make wedding events elegant and charming just by their very presence. If you prefer to have a wedding the fairytale style, bring in a beautiful blossom cake that is buried with edible rose or calla lilies. Spiraling flowers are no longer trendy and have been replaced by this full-blossom design that will certainly wow the crowd just by the sight. Available in colors like pastel pink, ivory, etc., you can choose the color of cake flower for garnishing. Using neutral shades all over the round cake with intermittent use of pink edible cream-made roses in between can make the output mesmerizing.

    The Legendary Cheese Tower

    The Chinese Tower

    This seven-tier towering cake is perfect for those without a sweet tooth. Dramatically designed with the use of a combination of dark colors and decorative toppings, its rich creamy flavor and gorgeous decoration make it ideal for wedding themes like the Moroccan, Arabic, etc.

    Drop at your favorite confectioner’s today to try scoops of creamy delicacies to make your choice.

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