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  • Wedding Budgeting: Eight Ways to Save for Dreamier Days (#6 is a MUST)

    Posted on December 6, 2014 by in Calcutta Wedding Planner, Caterers In Kolkata, Indian Wedding Decorators, Indian wedding planner, Kolkata Wedding Planner, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Caterers, wedding planner.

    We all know Indian weddings are fat; and we may dare say they are getting fatter by the day. With an imminent wedding, you already have a battery of prospects that call for definitive investments. But with some savvy wedding planning and fine-print comprehension, you may as well tilt the expenditure graph towards the base.

    There are dreamier (and longer) days to come and you cannot afford to burn all the oil in a night’s show. Read on to find how you can exercise a tighter control on your wedding budget.

    1. Cut Short the Guest List

    Wedding CardWeddings are marked by a bustling fair of people. However, you need to ensure that all those who you invite will attend the wedding. There are always a few who do not turn up on the ripe moment and a real deal of money goes down the drain with the absentees. The lesser invitations you make, the more money you save.

    (Hint: Making pertinent invitations also insures the wedding against gatecrashers)

    2. There is One Wedding Season – that of Love

    Autumn LoveOnce you decide to organize a wedding in the peak season, you invite a rate boom of sorts. Name the flowers, decorators, flower decorators, car rentals, mehandi-artists, halwais and what have you – double the rate is where the auction takes off from. Do not fall for what the vendors suggest and hold the wedding when rates are reasonable.

    3. One Spot for Wedding and Reception

    Wedding and ReceptionMost vendors charge by the hour. There is a twofold benefit in store if you choose a singular spot for the wedding and reception. One, this slices travel time and saves vendor costs, and two – you do not have to hold separate sessions for bargaining on two different venues.

    4. Bigger Tables for Fewer Centerpieces

    Wedding TablesThis one is from the basics. Bigger tables mean fewer center-pieces. Irrespective of whether you buy or rent centerpieces, you will have to pay for each of them. As a bonus, you also save on the number of table-cloths.

    5. More Leaves and Less Petals

    Wedding FlowersFlowers for wedding decoration are not those chance bouquets you take for hospital patients. You need lots of them and they are pretty pricey. A decoration involving lots of leaves with thematic flower distribution would look better than one involving plenty of flowers with a helter skelter (or no) alignment.

    (Tip: Knowledge of seasonal flowers could turn out to be a fortune saver)

    6. Menu Optimization Saves Money (and Health)

    Wedding PlateThe theory that wedding invitees conjure larger appetites still has a high-level want for veracity. Unless proven, spruce up your menu to a minimalistic whole. Entrée (starter) duets cost less and look better on plate. You will find plenty of other ways to reduce costs and shorten wastage.

    (Note: Beer or wine could well replace a full bar of drinks)

    7. Saving on the Wedding Cake

    wedding cakeIf you feel the wedding cake will not be enough for everybody present for the occasion, have a uni-flavour pound cake hidden in the kitchen. The same weight will cost you almost half of another wedding cake. Unless you tell many people of the trick, your guests enjoy the cake all the same.

    8. Plan to Save

    Wedding PlannerA major portion of the saving starts with a favourable plan. If need be, call on the services of a wedding planner. A little investment brings a lot of money-saving tips from professionals. ‘Invest to save’ could well be your mantra here.

    Find out where you save for those dreamier days ahead. Engage the services of a wedding planner today.

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