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  • Various Shades of Hindu Bengali Wedding

    Posted on March 5, 2013 by in Indian Wedding.
    A still from 'Vicky Donor'-a 2012 Bollywod film nicely depicting different shades of Bengali & Punjabi wedding

    A still from ‘Vicky Donor’-a 2012 Bollywod film nicely depicting different shades of Bengali & Punjabi wedding

    Rituals transform, fade out and take birth through changing times. Religious and social implications of the Indian marriage rituals have been evolving since time immemorial. But marriage as an institution has still remained of utmost importance against Indian cultural milieu. With globalization touching the shores of the Bay of Bengal, Bengali families might have been split into small nuclear units. But there are families that have managed to retain their size as was in the pre-colonial or colonial era. However, regardless of the family size, Bengali conservative families are somewhat square toes when it comes to sticking to their own customs and rituals. You may tag these Eastern Indian people, who are now spread across the global map, as conservative. But the very basic essence of the culture is still very much alive and that’s what glorifies and signifies the Bengali wedding ceremonies.

    A typical Bengali wedding ceremony is essentially different from North Indian big fat wedding. Though filled with zestfulness, these wedding ceremonies are somewhat restrained in manner compared to the typical North Indian Hindu marriage ceremonies where grooms ride on horses or horse-drawn carriages to reach sites of their marriage. However, Bengali people have adopted North Indian cultures too and these days, you can even find mehendi, sangeet and other rituals taking place in Bengali wedding. On the other hand, customs like married women ululating when the bride puts her first step in the groom’s house or sending fish as a gift are still in play in Bengali culture.

    However, as in all parts of India, Bengal and its capital Kolkata have experienced steady influx of people from different parts of the country and abroad through decades. Marwari, Guajarati, Tamils, Gurkha, Bihari and Assamese people have flocked in to the heart of Eastern India in large numbers and that has created a cultural convergence. Hindu Bengali marriage, as a result, now reflects the hues of different cultures and ethnic groups. Non-resident Bengalis who come back home for getting hitched with have also contributed to this new cultural phenomena. These globalized ‘bongs’ prefer tying the auspicious knot at big hotels and banquet halls.

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    Let’s make it happen! Subho bibaho!

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