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  • Type: Five Budget Wedding Party Planning and Management Tips That Really Work

    Posted on May 7, 2014 by in Calcutta Wedding Planner, Indian Wedding Decorators, Indian wedding planner, Indian Wedding Tips, Kolkata Wedding Planner, wedding planner.

    Indian weddings are usually associated with ostentatious display of social status and financial affluence. However, there are people who have to organize their wedding parties under budget constraints and they find it an enormous problem to include every desire in their final checklist. There are people who have a rather minimalist approach to the whole idea of wedding and they are not wrong. Howbeit, Indian marriage ceremonies have traditionally been biggish affairs and not many people love to compromise on their D-day, despite the budget constraints that plague their efforts continuously. How to plan and arrange an Indian wedding ceremony within a shoestring budget? Here below are some tips for arranging a budget wedding party.

    Wedding PartyRevise Your Wedding List

    Make a few changes in the wedding list and keep the items that are truly important to you and your family. Strike out items that are not really important. For example, many people choose to buy additional paper good (such as unnecessarily long paper menus) that are superfluous and can be excluded from the list easily. Peruse the entire checklist with a pragmatic viewpoint and make your list shorter, and more pocket-friendly.

    Choose Off-Season for Tying the Knot

    Unless of course you have some premade plans, choose always the off-season months for wedding as the prices of essential goods (flowers, for example) drop drastically during this season. In India, the peak season for wedding (December to January and June to August) usually concurs with NRI arriving season. If you do not have important guests outside India and expected to arrive, choose off-season for wedding.

    Reconsider the Guest List

    It certainly takes a lot of pain and effort to cross out guests from a list. But once you are on a tight budget, you have to be as penny-pinching as possible. Start with leaving out some names from the guest list. This is because the wedding management companies and independently operating caterers charge per plate for any grand party of this significance. You must have seen complete strangers in many wedding parties who come there just to have fun or taste the flavorsome food. Why waste your money for giving a grand treat to strangers and distant relatives who are more like strangers to you? It might sound harsh, but one on a tight budget cannot indulge in such luxury.

    DIY Tricks

    Give your full effort to save on your hard earned money as well as to make your wedding an elegant affair. Start with preparing wedding cards reading DIY (Do It Yourself) articles on the web. There are several wedding card designer websites/blogs from where you can draw the inspiration for designing your wedding card all by yourself. The real investment here is just the cost of the materials. Make floral decorations to save on the interior decoration cost.

    Look For a Low-Budget Wedding Party Management Agency

    There are not many wedding planning and management companies out there that offer budget wedding party management packages. However, if you search extensively on the web, you may find one or two companies that are ready to make each and every wedding party successful, irrespective of the budget limitations of the clients. These are usually new companies in the business but do a great job when it comes to organizing a wedding event within a budget.

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