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  • Tips to Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

    Posted on October 14, 2014 by in Birthday Party Organizers, Event Management, Event Manager, Indian wedding planner, Kolkata Wedding Planner, Wedding Event Management.

    Wedding day is one of the most important occasions in one’s life where she/he unites in marriage. Wedding tradition and customs vary greatly between cultures, classes, ethnic groups, and countries. And to make this event grand, people plan for the day beforehand. Planning your marriage takes a lot of efforts which you probably have never imagined. Hence, if your wedding is just around the corner and you are puzzled how to move ahead, you can follow this handful of tips to make the day even more successful.

    1. Before planning for that special day, jot down few points on a piece of paper such as fix the date, determine an approximate budget, a rough estimate of guests, get a location, etc.

    2. Shop and order for bride’s dress, ornaments and other accessories, make lodge/hotel reservation for the invitees and order invitations in advance.

    3. Organize for the lunch/dinner much before the day comes, lunch/dinner menu, seating arrangements, etc.

    To be more specific, we can make a note of these important points –

    Wedding Venue

    Corporate EventsYou can make a research on the wedding venue if you have already planned for the wedding date and approximate number of invitees. Moreover another most important aspect to keep in mind while searching for the venue is your budget. You can select the venue nearby your residence to avoid complications.

    Professional Services

    If you have limited budget you definitely take assistance of your relatives and friends for photography, decorations and music. You can also book professional florists, photographers, and musicians. You can make your selection from their portfolios or references. To get a cost estimate you need to meet tem and book in advance. Since it is the big day for bride and groom, makeup artists also needs to be hired. People also visit parlors to make up.

    Since no festival or occasion is complete without music, you can also have music to make the ambiance even more colorful. And you just need to do is get a professional DJ to make the day.

    Wedding Apparel

    Wedding attire depends on one’s culture, tradition, religion, and most importantly his/her preference. And it is better to have a rough sketch of what you want to wear, your color preferences of the apparel before just heading to the shop or boutique, blank. You also need to keep the budget in mind while shopping, as apart from just gowns, accessories such as shoes, bags, jewelries are also indispensable part of the wedding attire.

    Invitations Card

    There are many aspects of a wedding card which includes size, format, color, print style, font, design and so on. Not only you can choose from the samples, the printers have, you can also go for a custom designed invitation card. There you can choose image of our size and the text of the invitation letter.

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