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  • Three Fun Ideas That Would Surely Jazz up Your Wedding: a Small Guide for Indian Brides and Grooms

    Posted on December 2, 2014 by in Indian Wedding, Indian Wedding Decorators, Indian wedding planner, Wedding Event Management.

    Weddings are meant to be fun-packed events that would leave sweet memories to cherish for years together. If it’s your wedding, you should always think outside the box to pleasantly surprise your guests. Well, bringing some creativity in for increasing the fun quotient of your wedding doesn’t have to be big-ticket all the time. You can just apply little tricks to jazz up your wedding. How do you do that? Here are some ideas from Kolkata’s leading event planning and management firm.

    Give an extra reason to dance

    IMG_7376Who doesn’t want to dance to the foot-tapping music played by DJs at wedding parties? Alas, those high-heels! Many guests simply do not want to dance because of the high-heel shoes that make it excruciatingly difficult to dance. But they badly want to dance. So there you go, place a box of flip-flops (chappals) just outside the dance floor. Get someone to watch the shoes of the ladies and have them enjoy a cracker of a dancing night. You will be amazed to see how the ladies are ditching their fashionable shoes and fighting over the chappals. Extra fun added!

    Invent a new way to send song requests to DJ

    DJs in Indian wedding parties usually start from slower numbers and then gradually move on to dance numbers. At your wedding, change this trend. Let the DJ play what the crowd is craving for. Place a song suggestion box just outside the dance floor and see it getting flooded with requests. People simply love idea about being asked what they like, but at the same time many of your guests would feel shy about making song requests publicly.

    Serve snacks in a welcoming manner

    Traditional chaats and snacks have entertained the taste buds of wedding party guests for years together. Why not repackage it? Serve paapri chaat in Martini glasses and give your guests some good reasons to smile while savoring the snacks. Popcorn counters have already become a familiar scene in Indian weddings. Pick and mix candies are quite popular in Europe and North America. Why not get a pick-and-mix stand at your party so the tiny tots find their comfort food easily?

    Be creative at every way possible and present your guests with an unforgettable experience. Give them some reasons to recall your wedding event years from now. Be a little different. Your guests would surely love pleasant surprises.

    If you are looking to bring a twist to your wedding party, contact Subh Muhurat. We offer everything from decoration to catering service. Just call us to marry the awesome way!

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