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  • Ten Important Wedding Planning Tips for a Perfect Wedding Day

    Posted on June 18, 2015 by in catering services, Event Management, Event Manager, Kolkata Wedding Planner.

    Weddings are all about grandeur, pomp and show and performing the ceremonies with perfection. It is dream of very girl to have a perfect wedding and every man aspires to provide his bride with the same. But with wedding planning and so many things to manage, something or the other can go wrong without your notice. Here are a list of things you must ensure to have a perfect wedding day and a happy life ahead.

    Announcement of the Date

    perfectweddingdateIt is important that you pan for your wedding celebrations in advance and fix a date well ahead of time. Announce wedding at least a year in advance so that you have enough time to make the arrangements for the wedding such as venue, catering service, decoration and many other things.

    Deciding the Venue and Type of Ceremonies

    Set the ThemeDecide about the venue and theme of the wedding you have always had in mind. Search for the venues and destinations which match with your requirements and book them immediately. Most of the times it happens that either we find no bookings at our wedding venue and have to wait for a very long time or have to compromise with another venue just because we got a little late with the bookings.

    Budget Estimation

    Fix your budget well in advance and try not to be too flexible about it when going for the planning. It is best to keep safety margin as your expectations and cost of things and services may not match when you actually start making preparations but try not to get too overboard with it as it can lead the toppling of your finances.

    Set the Theme and Décor of the Venue

    VenueAfter the selections of the venue make sure you have a theme in mind which is essential to carry forward the decorations of the venue.

    Sending the Wedding Invitations

    Wedding CardIt is crucial to send the wedding invitations as early as possible so that everyone can plan well ahead and be there to bless you for the married life ahead. Do not leave it for the last minute and make a guest list and try to keep it decently short.

    Appoint the Service Providers

    Personally appoint the service providers such as the caterers, decorators, photographers and the bridal makeup artists so that there is no last minute confusion or cancellation.

    Booking Of the Priest or Pundit

    Fix the official who is going to perform the wedding duties and rituals for the wedding. The legal issues and registry of the marriage should also be taken care of in time to have a trouble free wedding.

    Wedding Outfit and Jewelry

    Select your wedding outfits and make sure your jewelry and accessories match with the theme and attire well. Carry out the fittings at least a week in advance and try out the dress and jewelry for any adjustments.

    Planning Your Honeymoon Destination

    Plan your honeymoon destination and the related legal issues such as passport and visa well in advance so that you can immediately leave for your honeymoon after your wedding.

    Enjoying the Bliss of Togetherness

    Apart from all these, do enjoy each other’s company and intimacy which is going to develop further with the planning and arrangement of wedding and build a bond that will grow stronger each passing day of your happily married life.

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