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  • Rev Up to The Wedding Countdown With Deft Sangeet Planners in Kolkata

    Posted on July 19, 2014 by in Kolkata Wedding Planner, Sangeet Planners, wedding planner.

    Indian weddings as always have earned the reputation for being amazingly complicated! Whether Bengali or Punjabi, Marwari or Muslim, everybody is keen to incorporate innovativeness in their wedding. With loads of arrangements for different pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding rituals, making all of them successful besides maintaining the grandeur and opulence is no cakewalk. Excitement is bound to be there but the slightest mismanagement can ruin all the hard work and creativity. From a series of ceremonies like ring ceremony or engagement party to the elaborate mehndi and sangeet, haldi to the main show at the time of tying the nuptial knot, a lot of careful planning is required much in advance. Thankfully, wedding planners have surfaced to the rescue to take care of almost everything. You can consult one for your big day to make the event stand out to the rest.

    sangeet planners in KolkataTalking about the pre-wedding ceremonies in particular, mehndi and sangeet hold a special value for most would-be couples and their respective families. The task of organizing an entire wedding was never easy. With complex rituals, lavish attires and accessories, delectable cuisines, extraordinary décor, music and lighting and not to miss out invitations and tending to guests forming the central aspects, planners have a tough time to juggle it all. Most wedding planning companies or professionals have now segregated themselves according to their tasks in this auspicious ceremony. They surely work in collaboration with each other yet emphasize on their core areas only. Herein lies the concept of sangeet planners. Though earlier this music ceremony lay in the confines of Marwaris and Punjabis mostly, nowadays people from all communities have taken a liking to this stupendous pomp affair and participate with full fervor. Of course it sounds interesting and a great way to bind and interact with each other prior to the wedding, yet the list of performances is sure to stun you. No wonder, the trend is fast picking up and more and more sangeet planners in Kolkata are in demand.

    sangeet Sangeet organizers take into account factors like budget, location, people count and the exact plan of events that the ceremony will comprise. Alternatively, many families leave the entire responsibility to the planners lest their ideas collide. A sangeet is a musical event held a day or a couple of days before the wedding. Soemtiems this event can even continue for more than a couple of days or so, depending on the grandeur of the event. The best way to begin this show would be a Ganesh Vandana or an arti of Lakshmi Maa. Selecting a host who can preside over the entire event is of paramount importance. This is because inept people have a tendency to sound boring when making announcements. It is only with the help of a professional can some enthusiasm be expected. A specialized anchor knows exactly how to get the people hooked to the show, up the excitement level, bring in those witty one-liners and put the audience in splits. He or she must also talk to the musical bands or DJ’s, whoever is called there to u
    nderstand their plans too, lest a clash of ideas happen. All these can be accomplished if the sangeet planner takes the necessary time and effort to bring new ideas on board.

    Of particular relevance is the decor and culinary experience. During sangeet, planners not only decode the style sense of the bride or groom to be or even the décor ideas, but also pays attention to the kind of dishes that would suit the taste buds. Given how Indians are known for their lavish weddings, food and beverages if neglected can land the organizers into serious trouble. This goes without saying that in our country, all the communities are great foodies and finishing plates of mouthwatering food is no big deal! And who doesn’t like to win appreciation for something so close to the heart? Planners must see that sangeet dishes can be distinguished from the wedding ones. Instead of something too filling, they must opt for light snacks and refreshments, so that the party atmosphere is not disturbed! Most importantly, this is always to be remembered that the mood needs to be set so that the curiosity level builds up over time for what lies next in store.

    If you talk to professional sangeet planners in Kolkata, you will know how distinct styles are their forte, so that  you can go ahead and invest on the curtain raiser show!

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