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A Pompous Wedding for the Auspicious Bonding

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Music and Entertainment Event

Ceremonies in India have predominantly been large and lavish affairs with music as the heart and soul of the events. Though traditional dance and music programs used to be the norm, things have changed in modern times. Nowadays, DJs are brought in for musical performances to entertain guests. Indian weddings start with music and end with the same, regardless of the genre.

While some prefer customary wedding music, others like modern tracks to jazz the event. We, at Subh Muhurat, arrange for both keeping in mind the varying preferences of the families that come to us for arranging them.

As for other parties, we arrange musical performances by professionals. Clients hosting private parties choose to keep their guests engaged through dance and music programs. Whether it is a cultural program, or a school fest, we make sure that the invited people are catered full dishes of entertainment in the most beguiling manner. Our performers are veterans who know how to entertain a group of people with dissimilar tastes of music.

Our executives can help you pick the right wedding song for the day that can make the event joyous and romantic. We have a catalog of songs and musical tracks that we offer to play in weddings. You can make your pick or request something else for us to play. Even for rituals like Mehendi, Haldi, Ashirvaad, Sangeet, etc., we make arrangements for musical feats by live bands so that attending invitees are kept entertained all through.

We also offer to arrange for band baaja at the reception of the bridegroom on the day of the wedding.