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Outdoor Catering Service in Kolkata, West Bengal

Catering Service

catering services in Kolkata on any event

Food is the biggest source of satisfaction, especially when the delicacies are mouthwatering. It is the most addictive indulgence that completes a happy occasion of celebration.

We, at Subh Muhurat, make sure that your guests are fed fully with all the most delicious dishes made of succulent fishes and fresh meats. Our suppliers offer only the freshest of foods and drinks that are processed by our expert chefs and their apprentices. Right from shorshe hilsha to turkey roast, buffet meals to ala carta, cakes to desserts, we have cooks for everything. We work with a team of bakers, chefs and cocktail mixers who can rustle and brew up some of the finest foods and beverages ever.

tea-coffeeOur cooks come from diverse communities that make them experts in preparing all local and national dishes. For a Bengali wedding we prefer to keep the menu typical to what the community guests normally prefer. We appoint authentic Bengali chefs to do the cooking so that the foods are infused with local flavors.

We have sample menus that one can check out and customize accordingly for their occasion. The charges of catering services depend on the number of items, the number of caterers appointed and the profile of the chefs ordained for the job.

For Christian weddings, we bring the best cakes baked by our chefs that can add a touch of elegance to the occasion. We also offer to prepare or buy cakes for birthday parties, children’s parties and other occasions from preferred sources. We can arrange for both sit-down formal meals as well as potluck dinners for small get-togethers and big parties.

We also have vending machine operatives to help the guests in picking pick-and-mix candies and sweets of different kinds.