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A Pompous Wedding for the Auspicious Bonding

Subh Muhurat: Your Personal Organizer for Social and Corporate Events of All Kinds

Wedding planner and event organizer in Kolkata, West Bengal

Our Services

Indian weddings are exquisite blends of rites and rituals, which are endearing at times and lengthy in others. The ceremonies are a celebration of communal values and love.

To make them special, Subh Muhurat  sets afloat a range of services for you to explore. This year, wedding or similar big occasions will no longer be a headache on you. Getting hitched will no longer require you to drop your job for a month and run around the place contacting vendors and suppliers. We’ll take all the appointments and we’ll make the to-do list when you and your family can sit down and breath a sign a of relief.

Cataloged below is a preview of the major services that we offer:
catering services in KolkataCatering: The food served in a wedding is reflective of the qualitative aspect of the occasion. The foods served do not have to be of a countless variety, but should be quality and sumptuous, dishes that can provide a sense of satisfaction to the guests. We take in the responsibility of catering foods that can beat any occasion feast by far. We have the best cooks in the city working with us to make some of the finest communal dishes to have been served in a social event.


Music and Entertainment: Almost all social functions nowadays have musical programs to provide added entertainment to the guests. Social occasions like weddings, housewarming, bridal shower, birthday parties, baby shower, etc. are all made times more entertaining by introducing musical contests and DJ programs in them. For our clients, we bring in live music bands and disc jockeys for live performances to amuse the invited people.

birthday and other party organizer


Additional: Apart from weddings, we also offer event management service for parties, corporate events, school festivals, family get-togethers, friends’ reunions, debates, fund-raising, religious festivals, etc. With our huge taskforce and contacts, we make it big for all clients, regardless of the amount of money they are ready to expend on the project.