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  • Mix and Match Made in Heaven: The World-Wise Wedding

    Posted on March 1, 2013 by in Indian Wedding.

    The big fat Indian wedding is legend. And the dream of many a starry-eyed young woman. The auspicious occasion of setting off on the journey of togetherness; the celebration of being inducted into the age-old institution of matrimony. One of the biggest events of the Indian household, the ceremony features myriad rites and rituals in the presence of the entire extended family and a wide assortment of friends. Naturally, it is the dearest ambition of every couple and their families to arrange for a flawless festival- exorbitant or otherwise.

    Like everything else, the Indian wedding- especially in metro cities like Kolkata- has also emerged in a whole new avatar; today, young couples are all in for globalized ceremonies, mixing and matching rituals from myriad communities and incorporating them seamlessly with their own. One major factor contributing to this phenomenon is definitely the fact that inter-community marriage today takes up almost as much space as the intra-community ones in the register; moreover, the world has become a smaller place with educational institutions and business organisations being the melting pots for people from across the globe.

    Today, it is common to be invited to the wedding ceremony of a Parisian and a Bengali and experience an eclectic mix of the rites and cuisine of both cultures. Of course, it has helped that the standard of living has increased by quite a few notches, and with both spouses holding jobs, the capacity of arranging a lavishbengali bride wedding has widened as well.

    On the other hand, busier routines have made it practically impossible for the bride and the groom to supervise everything on their own, but the dream of having the perfect wedding is too beautiful to be crushed. With this in mind, event management organisations like Subh Muhurat have risen to the occasion. These organisations take the entire responsibility of the event from the ceremonies to the cuisine; all you have to do is to let them know just what you have in mind.

    The wedding planner takes into account the budget and the tastes of the families; you can trust these experts to beautifully mingle the Bengali gaye halud with the North Indian Sangeet ceremony. Entrusting a professional with your wedding is a smart move; a lot of the hassle is taken off your shoulders and you can enjoy the pleasantly flying butterflies in your stomach without worrying about the flower arrangement in the mandap or how palatable the food is.


    If you are a global citizen, Indian at heart, you will want your wedding to be as cosmopolitan as can be. The perfect blend of the modern with the traditional is not easy, and here in steps the Kolkata-based wedding planner Subh Muhurat, your friend and guide in planning the grand nuptials you always wanted.

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