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  • Making Your Corporate Parties Successful

    Posted on September 16, 2013 by admin in Corporate Event, Event Manager.

    Corporate-empArranging a corporate party can be a pretty challenging task, especially when each time new ideas need to be implemented to keep the event unique and better than the last time. Corporate events can be organized for conferences, large business meets, summer parties, holiday parties and even concerts. Alternatively, there can be events for employee awards and appraisals. Corporate parties include a lot of fun activities too. One can even bring his/her family in the informal parties. These official parties allow the employees an opportunity to know each other personally and professionally.

    Such events include employees from executive desks to higher job profiles. Therefore, every employer aspires to organize an event that can cater to all. Over a period of time, event management businesses have been successfully organizing parties for their corporate clients. Before appointing a corporate event planner, first decide the following:

    • Determine the objective: Why do you want to plan a corporate party? Whether it would be a brand promotion party, arranging public conference or a celebration? Only after determining the objective, the event planner can advice you some great ideas.
    • Understanding the audience: Consider the demographics of the guests in the party. Be it a corporate event or any other, it is always essential to consider the preference of the invitees. Remember, an event can only be successful if it is praised by the guests and the public.
    • Booking a venue: Nowadays, venues are booked at least 6 months to 1 year before the event. When appointing an event planner (though you can rely on them for booking the venue), the selection of the same should be wisely made by you. Addressing the event objective and the number of the invitees, the venue must be picked.
    • Pick the entertainment option: You can hire musicians, orators, ventriloquists, comedians and a few other entertainers for the corporate event.  Games shows related to team building, quiz contests, etc. can also be arranged as a part of the entertainment. Photo booths can be kept separately too.
    • Food and drinks: A party would be incomplete without foods and drinks. Name any dish or set any menu, and your event planner can arrange it for you. They assure to arrange for the most assorted drinks coupled with varied food options.
    • Music: Corporate parties can be very boring without music. You can arrange for live musicians playing soothing symphonies or solo performances in the background. Such performance improves the ambience of the place.
    • Safety: It is one of the essential factors one must consider when throwing a party. The venue must be decorative enough to host an event. Though, the event planner’s team is expected to look into that part, you can definitely cross check all the arrangements for yourself.

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