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  • Fêting Your Kid’s Birthday with Chhota Bheem and Gangs of Dholakpur

    Posted on August 30, 2013 by in Birthday Party, Birthday Party Organizers, Themed Events.

    Bring in some guests from ‘Dholakpur’ in your kid’s birthday party this year. With Chhota Bheem, Dholu and Bholu, pyari Chutki, Raju, Jaggu Bandar, Kichak, Kalia and many more, your kid would be overwhelmed. When looking forward to throw a lavish party for your little one, there is nothing like opting for Dholakpur themed party. When it comes to your kid’s happiness, you must invest wisely. With innumerable characters and episodes to depict, one can arrange an extravagant birthday party on Dholakpur theme. You can take help of a reliable kid’s birthday party organizer who can arrange an outstanding party with amazing ideas.

    Chhota Bheem Kids Birthday Party

    While throwing a Chhota Bheem party, you can arrange for the following things:


    Now days, it is very difficult to book a venue just few days before the final day. The majority of the venues get booked at least before 6 months to 1 year. So, you know well as which time is suitable for you. On appointing an event planner you may not have to worry about this, as they have innumerable options to cater to your needs.


    You can set up a Dholakpur bouncy castle in the venue. This multicoloured unit would look awesome when set up. Your kid and his little guests would definitely enjoy jumping on the fluffy playgroup. You can even ask the kids party organiser to make a Toonpur Land with Chhota Bheem and his friends. Customized balloons with the images of Chhota Bheem and other characters can be brought in the party. Placing cartoon cut-outs in the birthday would amaze your kids and his friends. If you have arranged for buffet, the foods can be served in a Dholakpur Express Train.

    Chhota Bheem Birthday Party Decoration

    The Birthday Cake:

    A Chhota Bheem cake would be just the perfect for the birthday celebration of your kid. A Dholakpur three stand cake with all the characters in it would be a grand cake for your kid. As, you can find many options while choosing the cake, it is always recommended to ask the birthday boy or girl about his/her choice.


    A kid’s birthday party is dull and boring without games. ‘Bheem ko ladoo khilao’ would be an exciting game to arrange. What you need to do is, blindfold the kids and allow him/her to put the ladoo in Chhota Bheem’s mouth. You can even arrange for fancy dress competition amongst the kids. It would look awesome, when the little ones would be dresses like the cartoon characters in Chhota Bheem.

    Return Gifts

    Innumerable Chhota Bheem customized gifts are available in the shops. Chhota Bheem lunch box, pencil box, exam boards and water bottle are a few of them that are perfect for return gifts.

    When it comes to food and drink, of course everything would be done as according to the birthday kid’s needs. However, when arranging a Chhota Bheem birthday party, ladoo is must in dessert. Just make sure that the disposable cups and plates are personalised. The kid’s birthday party planner can also arrange for party entertainers. Dressed in your kids favourite Chhota Bheem’s characters, they appear like real ones.

    If you too are willing to make your kids birthday memorable and full of fun then you can opt for hiring Subh Muhurat, the professional kids birthday party organizer in Kolkata. You can call Subh Muhurat at +91 33 6536 0028 or +91 98362 54162. You can also mail your requirement at or send your query by filling the form showing in the right bottom of this page.

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