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  • Indian Wedding: The Changing Scenario

    Posted on June 9, 2014 by in Event Management, Indian Wedding, Indian Wedding Decorators, Indian wedding planner, Wedding Event Management.

    A wedding is an important occasion in anybody’s life. But few ceremonies in the world combine pompousness and sacredness in a way that Indian weddings do.  There is something about Indian weddings that incites a tremendous feeling of belongingness not just between the bride and the groom but also between the hosts and the guests. Today weddings in India are a beautiful blend of the ancient Indian tradition and the sweet flavours of entertainment that the modern time has brought with it.DSC00678

    The Difference

    The one cardinal difference between weddings now and weddings half a century ago is the pace. The pace however, is not so much with the weddings themselves but with the life in and around it. The other major difference is that the way weddings are organized today has gone under a sea of change, and so has the method of organization. Some additional and modern “rituals” like bachelors’ party, multitudinous shopping sprees, wedding night discos, hide-the-bride surprise- the list is a long one, have flown in from the west. But the challenge still remains the same- organizing a successful wedding without much people complaining (obviously an every-guest-satisfied stage is nearly impossible to achieve).

    The Concern

    Gone are the days when you could apply for a three month leave from your Post Office job on account of your imminent marriage. As a side note, not many these days know they are getting married three months before their wedding date. Also gone are the uncles and aunties moving well in advance to see all arrangements are proper for the marriage of their favorite “gudiya” or “munna” that once played in their laps. Time does take away many precious gifts. Be that as nostalgic as it sounds, but the truth of the matter is- these things do not happen anymore.

    The natural concern and question and thought and afterthought and what not then becomes- “then who?” exactly. Who then bears the entire burden? Yes, we know that the bride-grooms’ fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters are still there. But not for nothing is marriage called an institution, is it? If that is so then five people cannot run an institution. Again, who then?

    The Fix

    Times have changed. It’s only for the better that we change with it. The world is becoming increasingly professional by the day. Various functions and practices that were once family affairs have today fallen under the professional realm of activities. Needless to say, the same has happened with marriages. Though the core values and rituals still remain the same, the entire process of conduction has been changed. And yes, for the good. Ask the father of a bride-to-be on what his biggest concern is a month ahead of his daughter’s marriage. Yes, he is definitely worried about his daughter’s future but even more than that he is tensed about the big day and if the arrangements will fall in place or not.

    In most big family affairs like marriages, we seek help from our siblings. As far as marriages are concerned, even our cousins play vital and sometimes pivotal roles. The point is young people bring in a lot of energy with them and take a bulk of the responsibility. While, most of our near and dear ones usually make it to the wedding day, they do not manage to find sufficient time before and after the day. Yes, we know this is the age of brow-beating competition and most young men and women are extremely ambitious in addition to being immensely talented. But should this deter us from giving our best shot at the one event that will completely transform the life of two people and several others around them? The modern day answer to the question is- planning.

    Why plan?

    The word planning is probably the only difference between successful hard-workers and the non-successful ones. Hence plan. On a more serious note, planning has been the key in all successful endeavors around the globe. And innovative planning has brought to us some of the latest trends in fashion, cuisines, travel, curtains, novels, linens and guess what marriages. Yes, the way marriages are planned today; it literally turns out to be a scene from the bollywood flicks of the ‘90s. Jumping another step in planning, once you hire professional help for it, two huge benefits can be reaped. One, you are saved of the heck of climbing a mountain by yourself. Secondly, wedding planners have brought in so much of innovation to their job that dream weddings do not happen only in movies anymore.

    Seeking Professional Help 

    Just like we have travel agencies which plan our entire tours, there are wedding planners that plan well, entire weddings. Planning weddings is a relatively new enterprise in event management and man has it not solved many a long-standing ordeal? Wedding planners are a professional bunch of people adept in handling various facets related to successful planning of weddings. They have the manpower, resources, contacts, strategy and above all the much required innovation that make weddings a memory worth drooling.

    The Benefits  

    Don’t we all want the marriages of the ones we love be the best day in their lives? This is the primary benefit of roping in professional planners for weddings. How many times does it happen that we feel we have it all covered before the wedding and right on the big day something pops up that completely missed our attention? The case might be that we had it in our list a month ago and missed it as the marriage came near. After all, marriages are not held everyday in our families. This is the biggest advantage of hiring professional help. Might sound funny to some, but for the planners marriages are almost an everyday affair. Anyone who has witnessed a planner at work will tell you about the ease with which he or she goes about his job.

    Wedding planners are easily available in most parts of India. Whether you want wedding planners in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or Lucknow, they are right there at your service. They plan everything about weddings including several modern themes like destination weddings, palace weddings, romantic weddings, etc. Again, they bring us closer to the one memory that is dear to every couple on this planet- the perfect wedding.

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