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  • Indian Wedding Mandap: Five Areas That Should Not Escape Your Consideration

    Posted on May 3, 2013 by in Indian Wedding, Indian Wedding Tips.
    Indian Wedding Mandap

    Indian Wedding Mandap

    A traditional Hindu wedding seems an endless procession of religious rites as Indian families are very keen on upholding their cultural tradition. Most of these religious rites have deeper connotation and families want to perform these rites just the way their forefathers have done for centuries. One distinguishable aspect of traditional Hindu wedding is that the couples tie their knots usually under a ‘Mandap’. A Mandap (or Mandapa) is a makeshift pavilion used for practicing the rituals that are deep ingrained in Hindu culture. However, if you are given to select a Mandap design, you should be very careful about it. There are at least five areas that should not miss your close inspection.

    Size of the pavilion

    You need to check and see whether the mandap is spacious enough to accommodate the people including the bride and groom who will be inside during when the main event of marriage will take place. For this, you need to count the number of people (including the priest and his assistants and the bride and groom) and chalk out the space required for accommodating them.

    What style you are choosing?

    As the mandap will be the center of attraction during the marriage rites will be performed, you should be very selective while choosing a style. There are various styles available in the market and you can choose either a canopy style or a concave o a back drop style mandap. Choices are endless. You should look for a stylish mandap that is easily accessible as well.

    Cost of the mandap

    Wedding mandaps come very expensive and you should not just order a cheap mandap from any local decorator. This is because the mandap is expected to steal all the limelight on the day of marriage and especially during when the core rites are practiced. Therefore, you should not just look for cost-cutting opportunities. However, if you are choosing a wedding planning and management package, you may get a hefty discount. There are service providers who provide tailor-made mandaps for clients on shoestring budgets.

    Position of the mandap

    Your family priest would be the best person to know towards which direction the mandap should be positioned. Usually, mandaps are positioned facing northwestward. However, this varies in some communities and you should check with someone knowledgeable in your family or outside to know the ideal and desirable position of the mandap.

    Seating arrangement of the guests

    To prevent any sort of disorder and chaos, you should chalk out the seating areas first. Where the guests will sit? Where the bride and groom will be seated? What if many friends and close relatives attempt to gather round the bride and groom during the varmala (that time when wedding garlands are exchanged) session? If you do not prearrange things, it may lead to a great chaos. Therefore, you should think about these things pragmatically and make the right arrangements.

    Mandap is just a part of the whole big affair of Hindu Indian wedding, though of much importance. There are hundreds of other things that are considered indispensable in Hindu wedding. Are you afraid you cannot manage the whole thing as you might not get the time required? Are you desperately looking for a dedicated team who can plan and execute the entire thing, leaving zero worries for you?

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