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  • Importance of Flowers in an Indian Wedding

    Posted on November 14, 2014 by in Calcutta Wedding Planner, Indian Wedding Decorators, Indian wedding planner, Indian Wedding Tips, Kolkata Wedding Planner, Themed Events, Wedding Event Management, wedding planner.

    Flowers play the most vital role in making your big day remarkable. Not only have they added colour and freshness to the event but also is an embodiment of a new beginning. Flowers can make the most beautiful gift ever given to someone that truly speaks thousand words which you may have failed to express.

    Flowers in an Indian WeddingSince flowers heighten the ambiance of wedding venue, starting from the entrance to the reception area all are embellished with exquisite flowers. With floral wedding theme, the whole marriage venue is beautified with fresh flowers, no matter be it the reception hall or dining space.  The vibrant shades of flowers add freshness to vents. In addition to that, it infuses life in guests who attends the ceremony.

    Exchanging garlands is the most significant ritual the bride and groom perform that marks their acceptance towards their relations. Furthermore, to bless and convey warm wishes to the newlywed, people shower flowers.  This ritual makes their stepping into a new life momentous. Apart from rituals, bride is also made to wear flowers and garlands on her hair which add to her beauty.

    Recent years have been witnessing professional wedding planners to make the whole arrangements, and it is them who only ensure that the preparations are done perfectly on time. Their skills that they have accumulated over the years have paved the path for bringing in so much of magnificence at marriage ceremonies. Since wedding season is on the air, you must be looking for a well-known wedding planner. If so, you can browse through the website of Subhmuhurat who can assist you in making your job free from any hassles.

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