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  • How to Organize a Celebrity-style Wedding in a Frugal Budget

    Posted on April 18, 2013 by in Calcutta Wedding Planner, Event Management, Kolkata Wedding Planner, wedding planner.

    Getting engaged is one of the most wonderful moments of togetherness that a couple experiences standing at the threshold of a happy-ever-after beginning. However, the period following the proposal is almost the same for everybody, marked by dizzy excitement and butterflies in the stomach. It is the maddening anticipation that makes the phase short-living, and the D-day comes closer before you know. Thus, most people tend to forget everything about planning the wedding while they are busy fighting with the flutters in the tummy or planning a life ahead with their better halves. Since wedding is a social celebration of commitment, the joy gets doubled when the ceremony is glamorous or fairy-tale style.

    Low Budget Royal Indian wedding

    Royal Indian Wedding Pandal (Image Credit:

    Now the last-minute help seeking from wedding planner books is not a very good idea, if you always had a splendid wedding occasion in your mind. So, go by steps to reach the aim.

    • First make a to-do list
    • Determine a timeline
    • Estimate the costs of the entire affair
    • State a honeymoon budget
    • Decide a theme
    • Schedule an alternate date (in case)

    However, this is just the desk job of the event through which you can come up with the jobs that is required to be done. First settle a venue that you want your wedding to be held in. check its availability on the scheduled date and the alternate date. Do not go for really expensive venues, if you have a professional decorator and brilliant ideas. It is not as much about the location, but the décor vision and how it has been materialized that make the final effect.

    Since Indian weddings and others are a 2day occasion, costumes are different for the two days. However, if you are a realist, you can get beautiful bridal and groom clothing designed by local tailors without visiting a designer showroom and spending your entire wedding budget in apparel. Check out designers’ stuffs made by different hotshot, get ideas and design your own clothes. Buy the fabrics required and send them with the diagram to an expert tailor to stitch them in. People with imagination have designed jaw-dropping beautiful dresses for their wedding at less than half the price of designer ones. Moreover, they bear the uniqueness that readymade clothes lack.

    Jewelries these days cost a fortune and if you follow your heart’s desire, you’ll find spending your life’s savings in the jewelry store is not a thing of difficulty. Alternately, opt for custom-made jewels from a maker who is in the industry for years, and have gained eminence in this line. Again, designing your own jewelry is a million-dollar idea that will not only save you cash, but will also promise exclusivity in the design. Make use of gold of different colors, keep the design simple, add innovation and include gemstones for the jewels to look exquisite.

    Buy honeymoon packages from deal-of-the-day sites to get amazing discounts on travel packages.

    Save for at least three years prior to the event so you can have enough funds to spend and enough left to cover the future expenses.


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