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  • How to Make Your Teenager’s Birthday Party Unique and Rewarding

    Posted on March 31, 2014 by admin in Birthday Party.

    A very confusing and queer age is adolescence. Arranging a birthday party of a young adolescent is probably the most challenging of all party arrangements. At this stage children are in a transition between objecting to all kinds of parental instructions and trying but failing to meet up with the responsibilities of the independence they are suddenly being pushed into. Neither are toys and chocolates very interesting at this age nor would a wine bottle suit the age.

    So, how do you plan a nice birthday party for such an age? Well, here’s the trick that might just work wonders for your kids and bring in a special confidence in you from them. Or you could just cut short and let the event planner do all that whle you enjoy the fruits.

    VenuePlan a Unique Venue: Plan a venue where there is a good big space for dancing and a swimming pool beside. Kids who are between 13 and above love to dance. Get an event planner who can arrange for the venue decoration like a rock show or might be with loads of events where they have the opportunity to dance. A swimming pool could be fun and entertaining, especially in the summer seasons. The place could be an open air garden also.

    Set Some Precise Rules: Your kids might just want to go way-board and look for a party where it’s just them and their friends. You should, however, not go too much strictness, telling them they wouldn’t be allowed to remain all according to their wishes. They can have their freedom of fun only while they have abided by the rules and are not planning to use unfair means to get high on the ceremony. While you give them full freedom of choosing their guests and the event they wish to plan, you also tell them where they have a draw a line and not overdo their plans.

    Make a Guest List: You can invite the senior crowd at some earlier part of the party time, so that they come and wish and attend to the party and leave early. For the friends, the party may begin a little later, asking them to come only after the seniors have left, so that they can have the bash the way they want it to be. However, keep a good eye on the list of friends, your kid is inviting and if need be, suggest some of the unwanted invitees be called at another point in time.

    Plan a budget: Teenagers are a little too extravagant most of the times. Given a chance, they would want to get on with an exorbitant planning and also try out the adult experiences like a cocktail throw out. You could inform your kids that there cannot be any alcohol right away and that they would have to graduate from high school to get any such permission. However, you could arrange for some mocktails and interesting drinks, which would give the same kind of ambience only without using alcoholic beverages.

    MenuPlan An Interesting Menu: Kids love to munch on continuously. However, young adolescents are also very calorie conscious. When you plan for the list of items on your food list, make sure there are lots of interesting snacks with less cheese and meat or animal protein. You can take the help of an event planner to decide on the menu of the food items you wish to keep. A very interesting mode would be to find out what kind of food habits are predominant with the event you are planning and keep the food on those lines. This would make the event a lot more happening and more real.

    Birthday Cake Related to The Event: If you are thinking of a drama or story which would be the theme of the party, you could keep the birthday cake made according to the theme. For example, in case of a rock show, you could get a nice electric guitar designed out of the cake. In fact, all the other food items can also be exactly the same as that which is described in the drama or story of the theme.

    17-x-17-jungle-fun-housePlan Some Games and Activities: If it is summer time, you could use the swimming pool and design some games in it matching with the theme. If your party venue is a garden, you could plan different interesting musical events, small activities which relate to the theme you are hosting the event on. You could even arrange for a dance game like paper dancing and keep a nice gift to the couple who wins over the dance. You may even invite one of the professional singers to sing you all some interesting numbers.

    Birthday ThemeDecorate the Venue According to Theme: If you have planned a theme, do an extensive research on what should be required to make the venue look exactly like the theme you have planned. You can even cast a set with the help of set decorators and event planners who design sets according to the theme chosen. If the set is designed properly, it can take the people into a world of virtual reality and make them feel more in tune with the event.

    With all these arrangements, you can really win the confidence of your teenaged kids who are a little weary about their parents as they grow. Most of the youngsters are found interacting better with their parents once, they are given this kind of atmosphere where they and their friends can enjoy a good time without inhibitions. You may not know, but you would have struck a chord in them bringing immense confidence with you.

    This entire gesture would make them have more faith in you and you would have served two purposes- celebrating their birthday the way they would like it and gaining their confidence in you. So, the next big decision they would take in life, they would think twice and ask your opinion or at least consider your suggestions in every growing decisions they take in life. Moreover, you would make yourself proud that you have understood what a teenager needs, a trait which is sort about by every parent!

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