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  • How to Make Weddings Less Costly

    Posted on March 30, 2017 by admin in Indian Wedding, Indian wedding planner, Kolkata Wedding Planner.

    Wedding is a dream for all, especially for Indians. From a very tender age they start to fantasy about their wedding, how it would be, how the decorations will be, how they will look during the gala event and lot more. Everyone likes to plan their own wedding but planning a wedding is not at all a piece of cake, and when it comes to expenses, it is a tad too difficult. Planning everything according to your own taste, that too without going out of budget is the trickiest part.

    20140330_182759Discussed below are some considerations that can be taken care of to keep things within your budget, without compromising on your childhood dreams or any related plans:

    Food and Beverage

    cateringIt is a well-known fact that in any kind of wedding, food plays an extremely significant role. No matter how good the venue is or how smashing is the entertainment arranged, if food is not up to the mark, the entire event is not up to the mark. Indian weddings are synonymous with a wide array of delicacies, starting from soups and snacks to biryani, mithai and ice cream. Wedding planners are particularly given instructions to create a menu of over 20 to 50 plus dishes, so that guests can utterly savour around. But in reality, the stress is only given to quantity and not quality. Hence, to save unnecessary expenses, go for a menu of less number of dishes but make sure they are of really good quality. In this way, guests will be able to enjoy the food as well as your budget will be in check.

    Traditional Sarees
    For ages, jewelry has dominated Indian wedding. Brides are expected to wear heavy jewelry on their weddings, but mind it those jewelries will never be worn again. Now answer yourself, what is the purpose of such extravagance when it’s not going to be used ever again! So, instead of buying such expensive wedding jewelry, to save unnecessary costs you can anytime opt for artificial or gold-plated jewelry, which will look good on you as well as won’t burn your pocket.

    Venue Decorations
    2p-copy Venue plays a crucial role, in Indian weddings. The way you decorate it will matter a lot, to make a lasting impression in the minds of the invitees. Hence, decorations are important. If you choose the right decoration, the entire venue will look lovely and bright. However, it definitely doesn’t mean you have to shell out your entire savings to deck up the venue. A simple and elegant decoration looks far more appealing than the one which includes a lot of knick knacks. After all, an excess of anything is bad. Similarly, excessive decorations make the venue look clumsy and shabby. Therefore, try to be as minimalist as possible, at least in terms of wedding decor.

    Form of Entertainment
    sangeetEntertainment can be myriad. Hiring an expensive DJ to create the right ambiance has become a convenient choice, while a family function, where dances are organised from both sides makes the event more special and memorable. So, the choice is yours.

    If you have a wedding in your mind, seek the services of a reliable wedding planner. From decorations to photography, they will take care of everything.
    No doubt, weddings are a once-a-lifetime affair but it is not always necessary to conduct them in an extravagant way. A simple wedding between two lovable people can also strike the right chord, if organised well.

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