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  • Flamboyant Attires for Punjabi Bride and Groom on their Wedding

    Posted on November 18, 2014 by in Event Manager, Indian Wedding, Indian Wedding Decorators, Indian wedding planner, Kolkata Wedding Planner.

    Wedding is one of the most sacred and jovial ceremonies in Indian culture. With a wide variety of culture and religion, different Indian communities follow different rituals in their marriages. Wedding customs in different states of India showcase the affluence of its heritage and culture.

    Panjabi Wedding AttiresMarriage is the social institution of bride and groom bonded by the nuptial knot, when they vow to be with each other in all ups and downs throughout their life. In India, wedding is an occasion of merriment and enthusiasm. Amongst all, Punjabi culture is one of the most vibrant and richly eventful as well. Flamboyancy and colourful rituals are all about Punjabi culture that is exhibited in their weddings.

    In wedding ceremonies, women put on beautiful traditional Punjabi suits whereas men are likely to wear kurta pyjamas. However, the attire of the bride and groom look absolutely spectacular on their wedding ceremony. Since the wedding ceremony prevails for about three-four days, the bride and the groom are seen in different dresses each day.

    Unlike previous times when grooms used to prefer suits, they wear gorgeous lehengas on their big day in recent times. Mostly the wedding lehengas come in bright colours such as red, orange, maroon, etc because red is considered to be auspicious. The bridal apparel is enhanced with stones and sequins work, zari work. However a few of them are embellished with beautiful embroidery work. Heavy jewellery including necklace, earrings, bangles, earrings, paayal and a tikka for the forhead are worn along with a chunni, beautified with heavy cut work. Apart from these accessories, a set of red and white coloured ivory-made bangles are worn on their wedding day.

    Additionally, the Punjabi groom is dressed in sherwani or churidar pyjama, paired with a traditional long coat which is furthermore decorated with exclusive thread works. The groom puts pagdi on his head tied with sehra around it before leaving for the wedding venue whilst the groom wears handmade leather shoes commonly known as jutti. Grand necklace made of pearls and precious stones are worn by the bride on his wedding day.

    The bride and the groom are seen to be in their finest attires that heightens the charm of the Punjabi wedding. Their vibrant attires portray the abundance of Punjabi culture and traditions.

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