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  • Five Factors That Can Constrain you from Orchestrating a Wedding Party

    Posted on September 24, 2013 by admin in Event Management, Wedding Event Management.

    Wedding Planning and Management Tips

    outsourcing-governance-organization-designSomeone very special to you is getting hitched within months (or weeks) and you are in charge of managing and orchestrating the whole big affair. Though you feel the pressure of managing the mega-event looming on your shoulders, you know well that you have delivered your best endeavors for making the occasion a big success. From the best florist in the town to the finest chef, each service provider has reassured about their services. Still, you feel that there is something left to ensure. This happens with many as they are too obsessed with the thought that it is the D-Day of someone they love and care for and they should not leave a single stone unturned for making it a grand success. However, the most unexpected things usually happen on the wedding day and it is always imperative to keep special arrangements for sorting out the issues. Here below are five issues that can become bothersome on your very special someone’s wedding day (and of course, how to solve these issues).


    Beach WeddingAdverse weather can put all your efforts to vain. You have to check with the met office to know whether there is a possibility of rain or thunderstorm on the event date. It is always wise to choose a venue where the main ceremonies as well as the dinner party can be organized indoors. Plus, choose not to organize the event during rainy season.

    Late-Arriving Guests and Irate Guests

    In every large social gathering, you will find at least two or three guests who turn up late for some reason. Sometimes, these late-arriving guests are so close to inviting families that they cannot start with the core rituals in absence of them. To ensure that the guests you have invited arrive well before the marriage ceremony commences, properly mention the time in the invitation card (along with RSVP numbers). Also, save the phone numbers of core guests in your phonebook. Here below are few other things you can do to prevent late-coming.

    • Arrange for transportation: For transporting outstation guests, send cabs in advance to airports and rail stations. Count your number of guests who would be arriving via train or airway. Send privately owned or hired cars accordingly well in advance.
    • A little reminder: Just two or three days prior to the event, do not forget to remind all your esteemed guests about the event and invite them cordially once again.
    • Arrange for accommodation: If some of your guests intend to arrive two or three days before, put your best efforts to make their short stay comfortable. Contact hotels and guest houses in your area. Irate guests are generally the more cynical ones, who keep nitpicking about almost everything. You have to put special emphasis on these guests so that they cannot spoil the mood of the wedding party. There are several ways to manage them and the best way is obviously keeping your patience and being nice to them in every possible manner. Here are few things you can try to quiet down irate guests in your party.
    • Hire a professional emcee: Believe it or not, a professionally trained and experienced emcee who has nice oratory skills can keep people engaged for hours. He can conduct games and activities among guests, organize open-mic sessions and keep people captivated by their wit and sense of humor.
    • Hire a band/dance troupe/standup comedian: One easy way to amuse and entertain guests is to hire a local band or dance troupe or a standup comedian or all three of these. They can distract the guests and break the ice during when nuptial ceremonies are yet to start.

    Food & Beverage

    These issues will not arise if you hire a professional catering service provider capable of serving lip-smacking dishes. However, unheralded incidents do happen (such as a boisterous child messing up the buffet counter). The more shocking, guests do not like the food quality and they express this in public. How to forestall these issues? Here below are some tips and advices.
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    • Hire a time-tested caterer: Food quality should be the prime concern of a wedding party host. If you hire a reputable caterer, you won’t have to worry about the food quality. Good catering service providers would first ask you about personal choices and preferences and then arrange their a la carte according to that.
    • Drape a curtain before the buffet counter: To surprise guests and to prevent kids from coming too near the buffet table, drape a semi-transparent curtain just before the buffet counters, maintaining a certain distance with the tables on the other side.
    • Mind the vegetarians: In many wedding parties, vegetarians feel like they are unwelcome as compared to non-veg dishes, they cannot find a wide variety of veggie dishes. You should not disappoint your vegetarian guests by keeping only non-veg items in you’re a la carte.

    Rowdy Children

    ID-10049302Remember that kids are often overlooked at wedding parties and other social gatherings and they do not always enjoy such parties. You have to give special emphasis to kids who would be attending the wedding party along with their parents. What should you do to entertain the kids? Here below are some ideas:

    • Keep in mind their nibbling habits: You should not expect the kids to be reserved and restrained like the adults. They would always like something to nibble on. Therefore, you can keep pick-and-mix candies and a special snack counter for the kids; just a nice way to distract them.
    • Supervise the kids: There are rowdy kids in every group and they would, most expectedly, run and play raucously with each other. Your duty is to supervise them so that they do not hurt themselves (and others) during the party.
    • Arrange for magic shows and other distractions: Kids are not entertained by standup comedians or live music like their parents. You have to arrange something especially for the kids, a magic show for example. Give colorful gifts to the kids.

    Drunken Gentlemen

    ID-100105601This is something inevitable. No matter you have arranged for hard liquor in your party or not, you will find drunken people carousing towards the end of the party. Ideally speaking, these things would never happen in your party. However, you should keep a hawk eye on these rowdy guests and gate-crashers. To make sure that the drunken guests do not spoil the party, you can do the following:

    • Organize a discreet area where your esteemed guests can booze (and celebrate the event noisily) without disturbing the other guests and disrupting the party.
    • Request your guests in advance not to indulge in bacchanalia
    • Hire a team of security professionals to look after your valued guests

    Amongst all these, do not forget to offer the best brands to the boozers, in case you have plans to serve hard drinks in your party. Satisfying this section of guests is usually the toughest part of managing the event, but should not be a difficult affair altogether if you can make proper prearrangement.

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