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  • Eco-Friendly Wedding – The Green Wedding Concept

    Posted on August 17, 2013 by in Indian Wedding, Indian Wedding Tips.

    eco-friendly wedding decorationDelving deep into the heart of traditions that Indian marriage rituals have followed and still find, one may come across the discipline called ‘gandharva’. In this form of marital bonding, no rituals were followed and the natural elements were considered to be the sole witnesses.

    The only reason, that this fact is stated here is to show that nature, since the early times, has remained an integral part of the marriage celebrations in this country. In the contemporary world, were the quest for survival is compelling people to hurt the Mother Earth, on the day of your wedding, which is garnished with love, care and blessing, you may use this auspicious occasion to repay the earth to a certain extent.

    Eco-friendly wedding, due to this reason, is receiving increasing popularity. Subh Muhurat had the opportunity to organize a few of such wedding and out of that experience, we believe, through the following steps, completing the arrangements of such a wedding would be commendable:

    • Venue Selection: Selection of the right wedding venue is important for an eco-friendly wedding and it’s an absolute no-no to select a closed arena like banquet hall. Open-air space, a garden with lush greenery or a sea-shore is a great choice.
    • Eco-friendly invitation cards: These are prepared with recyclable, eco-friendly papers and are printed with green (environment friendly) ink. Sending e-cards is also a great way to prepare for an eco-friendly wedding.
    • Paper Decorations: Paper is an inescapable part of an eco-friendly wedding. Owing to its biodegradable nature, paper decorations can add a magical touch to your wedding venue. Innumerable designs and colour combinations can be created with the qualified help from a wedding planner. Definitely such steps create a niche of a wedding.
    • Unique Lighting Options with Papers: High voltage neon lights may make a wedding venue appear pompous but they don’t have any contribution whatsoever to the environment. The best way to solve this is using paper lanterns and chandeliers. Thousands of colour possibilities can be created in with these. Also they provide the ambiance with a romantic look, which is ideal for a wedding.
    • Using Pebbles for Wedding Decor: Brilliant designs can be created by using pebbles. This is not only cost effective but also perfectly environment friendly. Also frees you from the tension of disposing the hazardous substances that are bad for the nature.
    • Eco-friendly Touch with the Bride and Groom’s Dress: Apparels created from eco-friendly elements, such as hemp, organic cotton, peace silk, bamboo and natural silk not only make both of you appear gorgeous but also perfectly comfortable.

    Eco-friendly parties and occasions are a step towards the preservation of a green earth. Subh Muhurat, the wedding event planner in Kolkata joins the endeavour of millions by bringing to the Kolkatans and outsiders eco-friendly wedding arrangements at affordable rates. If you too want a green wedding arrangement and planning then contact us. Make a call  at+ 91 33 6536 0028 or +91 98362 54162. You can also contact us by sending an email at or just fill in the form shown at the right bottom of this website and submit it. Our executives will get back to you within 12 hours.

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