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  • Corporate Events: The ‘in’ thing of the high-tech world

    Posted on May 28, 2014 by in Corporate Event, Event Manager, Party Organizers.

    In today’s world where stress has become a part and parcel of daily living, the corporate world is no better.  Naturally, corporate workers  seeking for entertainment, feel the need to rejuvenate themselves from the daily monotony surrounding life and thereby plan certain events.Even if it sounds quite a thrilling and exciting prospect but it’s no cakewalk  to manage the numerous tasks associated with it.

    Corporate EventsThese days, it’s a blessing that different types of corporate events are mostly held for the employees by their respective companies. Comprising of a variety of events, companies mostly host award ceremonies, trade shows,  annual functions, conferences, seminars and symposiums.  Sometimes preference is also given to night-time celebrations or themed parties, brunches and even sightseeing options are provided. Now who doesn’t like to enjoy such events which  promises musical performances, gala nights and the like? These kind of corporate events come with multiple benefits and companies have realized how significant it is for them to host such events. A great platform to network, rekindle and bond with people irrespective of their positions in the workplace, these settings are ideal to strengthen interpersonal relationships among all the employees, besides getting to participate in these events that are one of a kind.

    Events like these boosts up any individual’s morale and is a desirable one when it comes to the contemporary business world. Often people go wrong in the setting of certain events and mars the program altogether. To save oneself from such disasters, it is wise to consider what is termed as the 5w’s when planning any event:

    Why should an event be held?

    Getting to know the very purpose of a corporate event determines goals, possible outcomes and calls for the establishment of the overall theme of the event. Keeping in view  one’s budget, the plans for the event are held accordingly.

    What needs to happen at the event?

    Any corporate event calls for a carefully worked out agenda that includes pre and post tasks as well as the event actions. Since one event differs from the other, so  does entertainment functions, food and beverage options, fun activities, training and discussion forums, decor and the like. In short, everything must be in tune with the purpose of the event.

    Who must be invited to the event?

    Now this is an important consideration if the event is meant to cover the entire company or just the concerned department or maybe a team or a set of executives or a few individuals. This determines what events are in line and how much is the budget allowance.

    What is the best time for holding the event?:

    The event’s length goes a long way in deciding how much time is required for it to wrap up. Moreover, at least a couple of days or so must be thought of in advance before exacting on one, and that must consider the availability of all the members.

    Where is the event going to be held?

    The most appropriate location for a corporate event is where catering and decor options are easy to manage and also where everyone can attend, without any hassles. Provision must be made for adequate travel directions.

    Answering the above mentioned five questions goes a long  way in making any organizational event successful and most of all enjoying the company of people who are more of comrades then,  instead of business partners. In fact,  certain companies allow families of employees to participate in their events. The corporate world is dominated by a fast paced life and extreme work pressures. Naturally families get very little time to spend with each other, so in a way these events give an opportunity of spending quality time with families.

    Occasions as successful product launches or promotion of new procedures, and even celebration of successful business ventures call for high-tech parties. This can be best accomplished by skilled event organizers. They often suggest beginning the day with a small function to set the mood. Moreover a fun and enthusiastic  get together calls for different types of outdoor  games as soccer, kickball, relay races as horse riding, hiking, or quite the unique ones as fishing or kite competition. If indoor activities are more suitable, carom, chess and card games are the popular ones to choose from. Since its ‘a day off work,’ rewarding winners work wonders. Awards in the form of small gifts act more as incentives and employees must remember they are not present to compete, but just to spend some good time together and socialize.

    At times luxurious and opulent occasions are more in vogue, maybe the gala nights or theme based parties. These are instrumental in the sense that if some sort of intrigue is created about the event or where talents must be showcased, team members can display their hidden talents. Corporate events as these are certainly a great way to guarantee laughter. Besides these events, companies often arrange for sightseeing options which can be to museums or parks or even some historical heritage sites, provided the weather is favourable.  A small trip or picnic, musical soirees, films or even exotic brunches and dinners are other events to keep aside the formality of the workplace.

    Now when it comes to food options, there lies the confusion. Many think about grand menus while others feel light snacks or meals are ideal. Barbeque options are fast becoming common in corporate events. With a light mood prevailing around, nobody really has the time or urge to hoard food, but prefer on munching some lip smacking items. When one has the liberty to celebrate,  most of them concentrate on building social rapport in such a friendly atmosphere. However, that does not mean limited arrangements  will be made to work up an appetite. A plethora of multi cuisines  is available and one is free to make a choice among the many.

    Indeed a great way to stay connected and remind each other how indispensable each one is as part of the team, corporate events have almost transformed the workplace culture. Starting from employees to the higher authorities and even corporate guests react favourably to such events, owing to the expanse of ideas generated and the bonding that culminates in greater work output and fosters lifelong camaraderie.

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