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  • Brilliant Ideas on How to make you’re wedding a Picture Perfect Event

    Posted on August 11, 2015 by in Event Management, Kolkata Wedding Planner, Photographers, wedding photographer, wedding planner.

    It is the dream of every bride and groom to have a wedding which is memorable and people remember it well many years down the lane. The celebrations and arrangements should be met with perfection in such as way that it brings a smile to your face every time you remember your wedding days. But there are so many aspects and things to plan and make arrangements in a wedding that it becomes impossible to reach that ideal degree of perfection. If you keep in mind these few specifications, then surely it becomes easier for you to achieve a picture perfect wedding without too much of a headache.

    Time Management Is a Must

    Wedding PlaceIn planning any event or celebration, time management plays a vital role to turn it into a well planned arranged affair looked after in detail. Make sure that you make your bookings well in advance for the venue and caterers as well as the decorators, invitation prints, music, mehendi, bridal and groom make up and all. Make a list of things you need to do, sync your to-do list with your mobile reminders and sort them out one at a time. In this way you will feel less chaotic and have ample time in your hand to go through the details of the arrangement in a minutely detailed manner to achieve that sought-after perfection.

    Fit Your Apparels Right

    The attire for your wedding is also something that needs your complete attention. Have a theme or style in mind which you need to achieve for your wedding. Buy your attire like sarees, lehengas or dresses according to that, be it the color combinations, design or style. Neither very important aspect for the perfect attire is the fittings. Keep the fittings and stitching done well in advance so that you can try your attire fully with your jewelry and make up before the wedding and coordinate it well with your partner.

    A Complete Checklist

    Keep a checklist of things you plan to do and keep striking out the things that you are done and over with. It helps you keep things in order and make sure that everything is getting managed step by step. You can also revise the things mentioned in the checklist so that you can be sure all things are finished or arranged in time for the wedding celebrations. It becomes easier for you to keep a track of things such as food arrangements, accommodations and related requirements for the wedding.

    The Indoor and Outdoor Location

    Indoor DecorationBe careful of the weather before selecting an outdoor location for your wedding celebrations. Always have a backup plan. In any case it turns out to be a rainy day you can easily make shift of your arrangement so that the rituals and celebrations can be performed without any obstacle. In winter and extreme summer days, it is best to keep the wedding venue an indoor one for the comfort of the guests.

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