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  • Best Five Indian Wedding Venue Themes

    Posted on October 28, 2014 by in Corporate Event, Event Management, Event Manager, Indian Wedding Decorators, Indian wedding planner, Kolkata Wedding Planner, Themed Events, Wedding Caterers, wedding planner, Wedding Rituals.

    Indian wedding is all about colorful rituals, traditional ceremonies and grand feasting. A Hindu wedding includes customs such as haldi, mehendi, sangeet, wedding, wedding reception, etc that are celebrated for long three to four days. Keeping traditional rituals in mind, theme weddings have become popular in India. Its grand and majestic celebration make Indian wedding gleam out among the rest. Not only themes are restricted to wedding ceremonies, but they have now-a-days become the trend for all kinds of events. Especially when it comes to wedding, people love to organize theme wedding to make their big day cherishable not only for the wedding couple but also for the guests.

    If you want to organize get rid of that old-fashioned same kind style decoration, you can look for some best venue themes that would make the occasion momentous.

    Rajwada Theme

    Rajwada ThemeThis theme is organized in a royal and sophisticated way which is being embellished as the old Raja and Maharaja Style. The aspects of Rajwada style such as royal color, seating arrangements, food, decorations, mandap, lighting etc are taken care of to make the venue and event prim and proper. Bright colors such as orange, golden, red, pink etc are preferred over others.

    Color Theme

    Choosing favorite color perhaps would be the right choice. You can also go with season specific color to make the event look happening. Light summer colors such as pink, off white, sky blue would make perfect, whereas colors such as aqua for monsoon, green, pink, blue would heighten the charm of the event. Flowers and other decorations also need to organize with similar color palette in mind.

    Floral Theme

    Floral ThemeFloral themes are unique and refreshing theme for weddings. You can go with a combination of flowers in different colors or else same kind of flower that comes in one single color.

    Peacock Theme

    This would be one of the most vibrant color combinations of blue and green. The mandap, reception stage and the entrance can be decorated in real peacock style. Metallic sequins and other decoratives can be added to enhance the beauty of the theme.

    Diya Theme

    This theme will provide traditional and royal look at the same time. Intricate metallic diyas and beautiful hanging diyas can be utilized to embellish the whole set. Not only in wedding, Diya theme can also be planned for Diwali.

    You can organize or seek assistance of professional Wedding Planners to make your wedding unique and unforgettable. is one of the most renowned theme wedding planners who can be there to shoulder your responsibilities.

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