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  • 3 Benchmarks that Determine the Pomp of a Birthday Party

    Posted on July 23, 2013 by in Birthday Party, Birthday Party Organizers, Party Organizers.

    Birthday Party Planner/OrganizerThere are some particular yardsticks based on which a party is rated, and more so if it’s hosted on the occasion of a birthday. The definition of parties in modern times has undergone a metamorphosis because of the inclination towards refinement that characterizes the people of the neo society. Festivities are no longer hosted for revelry and merrymaking alone, but are conducted to please the finer senses of aesthetics and epicure. To many who keep an outstanding profile among their peers, parties thrown by them are a reflection of their social status and aristocracy, something that makes them elite. Birthday party event planner knows it all to the core.


    The theme on which the decoration is based makes the first impression, which forms the basis of the last impression. The presentation is what prompts the invitees what to expect from the fest. A party theme comprises decking up of the setting, candy display, aggrandizement style and method, and of course, the big fat cake.

    The options of birthday party themes that one are free to explore are countless and creative. Some exemplary ones are ice-cream theme, day spa theme, watermelon theme, tea party theme, Barbie theme, Tangled theme, etc. Emulating the concepts popularized by nursery rhymes, children’s books and 3D animation feature films, the themes present an ideal way of living the experiences in real lives. For adults, retro themes, Midnight in Paris theme, masquerade theme, Hollywood theme, etc. are popular choices that can make your guests go wild and crazy.


    Food is the heart and soul of all celebrations, without which no festivity is complete. Depending on the decor and element of the party, you can customize the food menu. Finger foods, main courses, desserts and beverages etc. should be in sync with the theme, aside being absolutely delectable and healthy. Use of the right kind of ingredients, appointing skilled chefs and picking the perfect recipes together work to cook dishes that are sure to quench the appetite and improve the revelry of the party.


    Lastly, the way the party has been organised weighs and materializes the grand plan. Professionals working behind the scene make the conduction of parties perfect because they’ve the techniques and resources handy to make any imagination come true. Preparing the food on time, setting up the decor facade and aggrandizing the theme are some of the most complicated tasks even though they might sound perfectly ease and simple. Appointing an adults’ or kids birthday party planner for the job is always a worthwhile investment.

    Birthday parties require a level of imagination and resourcefulness to conduct that is not common to everyone. Subh Muhurat, a birthday party organiser in Kolkata offers party organizing solutions to make your party big and grand.  For more details on Subh Muhurat’s  services as a Birthday Party Planner please click hereMake a call to us at +91 98362 54162, +91 33 6536 0028. You can also reach us via email at or just fill in the form showing in the bottom right of you and our team is committed to revert back within 24 hours.

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