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  • Awe-Inspiring Wedding Decorations: You can’t Turn a Blind Eye

    Posted on September 27, 2014 by in Indian Wedding Decorators, Wedding Event Management, wedding planner.

    While planning a wedding, the lists of decisions that are needed to be taken are endless. And while doing so the entire world seems to crush down, especially when it comes to booking a wedding venue. Though, there are variegated options to choose from, six months prior to your wedding finding a venue is simply impossible. Therefore, it goes without saying that one needs to book a desirable venue at least a year before the wedding day, which is often not possible for many. This is why today most of the couples prefer to invest more on decor than on the wedding venue. Even the simplest of the venue can look grand with a magnificent decoration. Here are a few decor ideas for an impressive wedding:

    Umbrella Decoration

    A wide range of beautiful umbrellas lined together like canopies, offers one of the most distinguished looks ever. From lace umbrellas to printed ones, all of them can be used to create a dynamic decor. Professionals or decorators often embellish these umbrellas with flowers and lights to add to its attractiveness. Often they are used as chandeliers or are hanged upside down to create a better look. Whichever way are they utilized, the umbrella themed decoration adds a wow factor to the entire wedding setting. For an elegant and graceful decor white lace umbrellas are just perfect. To be more creative paper umbrellas can also be fashioned.

    Balloon Decoration

    When considering doing something out-of-the-box, balloon decoration can add a unique look to your wedding. Mostly seen at birthday parties and anniversaries, people can hardly imagine decorating a wedding venue with balloons. However, you can’t even think what these air-filled, round-shaped units can do to your wedding. Besides setting a celebratory mood, they can even look very classy. But that of course depends upon the colour you choose. You can always contrast their colours with your wedding theme or the bride’s maids’ dresses. However, if you are confused about which balloons would be the most suitable for the event you can take assistance of your wedding planner.

    You can ask your wedding planner to make a huge arch with balloons of varied colours right at the front of the venue gate. Or else they can be used to decorate flower stands. In addition, a heart-shaped wedding arch can also be designed inside the halls using black and white balloons. Not only do they look elegant and beautiful, they also transform the entire look of the venue for better.

    Floral Decorations

    Floral DecorationsOf course you have seen flower decoration in almost all weddings. To be very honest this isn’t something new. Anyways that doesn’t matter much until the flower decoration of your wedding is unique and exclusive. You simply have no idea what an experienced wedding planner can make with everyday garden blossoms. Sunflower and orchid themed wedding decoration is definitely the in-thing today.

    However, in order to make the most out of the decors to be used in the wedding, it is essential that you find the right wedding planner.

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