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  • Adding That Extra Touch to Make Your Wedding Unique

    Posted on September 1, 2015 by in Calcutta Wedding Planner, Event Manager, Indian Wedding Decorators, Indian wedding planner, Indian Wedding Tips, Kolkata Wedding Planner, Wedding Event Management, wedding planner.

    With time, wedding decor has undergone a huge change in its ideas and implementation. It is not confined in just alluring flower arrangements or flashy drapes. Nowadays maximum wedding have a particular theme and the decor meanders around it.

    To keep the bride and groom away from the stress of planning a wedding, professional wedding planners are hired who knows the right way to implement eccentric decor ideas compatible with your theme. The more innovative they are, the more looks they will attract from people.

    Here are some of the wedding decor ideas which can be considered in your wedding to make your venue look lavish and unconventional:

    The aesthetic touch of Candles

    LED lights Decoration Candles give a certain traditional touch to your wedding decor. Whether they are sleek, long candles or short scented ones, they will surely lighten up your mood with their soft radiance. Don’t think twice, before using LED lights or Chinese lanterns in your wedding, as it quite in vogue. For outdoor wedding, you can consider placing lights inside artificial flowers or big candle holders as it will give a unique touch to the entire arrangement.

    Flowers – The traditional choice

    Flowers DecorationFlowers are high in demand for centuries. Previously, marigold flower arrangements were the most obvious choice to decorate the wedding venue. But recently, flowers are used in the most eccentric ways as possible. To give an unparalleled touch to your wedding decor, you can choose pink, green purple, turquoise blue coloured flowers which will add streaks of exuberance to your theme. Your wedding planner can customise the flower vases by writing certain messages or simply the names of bride and groom.

    Customised wedding decor

    LOVE (2)Adding a personal touch in your wedding decor is recently in vogue. Many couples are confessing their love for each other by writing meaning messages on napkins, crockery, showpieces, etc. Many are also opting for customised cutlery and crockery. You can also make an awesome picture collage of your most cosy moments and place it as a background image on the dais, where you will exchange vows with your partner. Cute romantic quotes written on bright walls and photo frames hanging from ceiling in some colourful chains can give an alluring touch to the whole decor.

    The right shades for the right decor is important

    The choice of colours from the palette is of supreme importance as a perfect shade can enhance your whole decor, whereas an undertone can mar your entire arrangement. If you are planning a day wedding, you should keep the decor light and fresh, so choose subtle colours like peach, yellow or pink. Any night event needs bright luxurious colours which will give you a feel of splendour and celebration. If you are keen to select the peacock theme, which is quite in now, you must pay attention to blue, golden, purple or pink tinges. Decking up the venue in a single tone instils refinement and magnificence.

    To make your weddings an extravagant affair, your planner can incorporate these unique ideas in the most remarkable way. After all, it’s the smallest touches which are capable of making the biggest impacts.

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