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  • About Indian Weddings: Things That Professionals Do and We Can’t

    Posted on June 26, 2013 by in Indian Wedding, Indian Wedding Decorators, Indian wedding planner, Indian Wedding Tips, Wedding Event Management.


    Hindu Weddings: Behind the Scene

    Wedding is an event that celebrates the marriage of two souls, the unison of two separate minds and the oneness of two different entities. Whoever believes in this philosophical facet of the definition is surely not an avid follower of TLC. Marriage is also about serious cash and laborious tasks, not to mention the perpetual anticipation of getting things perfect. And when we are talking about a big fat Indian wedding, the onus doubles and sometimes triples without a practiced wedding planner.

    Hindu Wedding Mandap

    Imagine yourself rummaging through stores and storming at vendors with your head buzzing with the unending list of things such as flowers, decorations, drapes, bridal dresses, tux, priest (pandit), pavilion (mandap), music, programs, foods, beverages, photographers and all the other things that you have missed or worst forgotten. All these on the day before the wedding when you are actually supposed to sit back and relax in a spa letting the butterflies in your stomach subside, are certainly too much to take.

    Though this article, by no means can serve as a wedding planning guide, it merely aims to inject your mind with ideas and furnish you with a pool-proof planning method so that you know what your aim is.

    Some Slights of Lavish Ideas

    Marrying like the maharajas and maharanis of the golden era of history is how a true Hindu wedding should be. So, to make your wedding lavish, you need to put together a few pieces that can make a gala possible. Pre-wedding social functions, baraat reception, wedding procession, etc. are facets of the celebration that make the event royal. Pre-wedding events like ring ceremony, sangeet, mehendi, etc. that set the mood for the final tying of knot should be compulsorily integrated in the event. Arriving on a tall horse or camel decked gorgeously to suit the festivity is a style Indian Wedding Decorationstatement for Hindu grooms. Dance, music, fireworks, etc. add the extra charm and grandeur.

    Foods and beverages in Indian weddings occupy a special place in the merriment. So, the more generous the spread is, the better gets the enjoyment. Nothing parallels to an open-air feast with multi cuisines doled at different counters for a mouthwatering banquet. Moreover, flower shower, garden fountain, confetti cascade, champagne blasts, etc. are ways of aggrandizing the event without stretching the budget too much.

    A Neat Plan of Action

    A Hindu wedding is a big affair that should be conducted on the outline of a proper planning. Preparations should be taken and homework should be done before a wedding itinerary is made for flawless materialization of the plan. It is the job of an event manager to take all these steps meticulously. They choose a theme depending on the story behind the marriage, consult with the to-be-married couples for approval or alteration, select venue and menu depending upon the clients’ preferences, get the event properly officiated, so on and so forth. Even plan drawn should be followed by an immediate execution. However, availability of specified flowers, performing troops, etc. that are typically seasonal is another major problem that only professionals can sort through their network of suppliers.

    So, considering all the options and challenges they pose in terms of occupation of a to-be-married couple, it is the best possible option to hand the responsibility over to a wedding planner to accomplish the mammoth task diligently.

    Weddings are big, fat events that require huge effort and a good network of vendors to accomplish appropriately. Hiring an experienced wedding planner like Subh Muhurat can ease your wedding tasks by least involvement of yours. Call us at +91 98362 54162, +91 33 6536 0028. You can also send your requirements via email at or just fill in the form showing in the bottom right of you and our team is committed to revert back within 24 hours.

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