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  • 7 Ways to Make Your Parent’ 25th Marriage Anniversary Memorable and All-Entertaining

    Posted on January 6, 2014 by admin in Event Management.

    25th-Wedding-AnniversaryArrange the 25th marriage anniversary party for your parent in a way that is unique in its style. Gift your parent with the most creative presents they have ever expected to receive from you. Though, lavish and costly gifts are always appreciated, but when it comes to our parent, they would be pleased to receive something that has cost you your time, creativity and is filled with love. To surprise them, arrange for something, which may not be lavish but a replica of your love and best wishes for them. You can simply take the help of the event planner to execute your plans. However, they can also suggest you some ideas too. Where everyone is opting for themes, you can throw a simple party with a whole lot of entertainment options.

    1. Swings: You can hire multiple swings catering to the numbers of guests and a separate two-seated swing for the couple. Decorate the couple’s swing with beautiful flowers, including roses, orchids and the one preferred by your parent. Make sure the flowers used on the two-seated swing are not used to decorate the guests’ swings.
    2. Love Fingerprint Frame: Take a white cotton cloth and frame it. Arrange for some fabric colours. Make an outline of love sign. Ask the guests to give their fingerprints on the white cloth and allow them to sign their initials on it. This would enable the couple to keep a note of the invitees who attended the party and cherish the moments spent with them.
    3. Arrange for Some Music: A party can be really boring without music. Rather than playing home theatres it would be commendable if you can appoint some live musicians. Ask them to sing a few favorite romantic songs of your parent. Or else some musical lyrics that was sung by your father for your mother. You can arrange a Ball Dance too.
    4. Glitter Balloons: Create a red and silver background for the party and spread glitter balloons of the same color on the floor. You can arrange some couple games with glitter balloons.
    5. Spotlight: Hire spotlights and make sure it is spotted on the couple, when they make an entry to the party. Walking through the red carpet while the spotlights are focused on them, your parent would feel extremely delighted. You ask the manager to focus the spotlights on the rhythm of the music.
    6. Adult Bouncy Castle: At one corner of the venue, set up an adult bounce castle and allow the couple to relive their old memories. Take them to their childhood memories. Nothing can be better if they were in a relationship with each other since their childhood.
    7. Magician and juggler: Ask your appointed event manager to hire magician or juggler. With their entertaining shows the audiences are expected to get up from their seat and clap for them.

    Though, invitees’ comfortability and entertainment would be a major concern, do not forget about the honor of the party. For such an occasion, it is recommended to select a beach-side venue, or an open-air community hall. Or else, if your residence has a spacious courtyard, the party can be simply arranged there. On appointing a reputed party organizer, you will not have to take any headache materializing your ideas.

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