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  • 6 Impressive Tips for Bedtime Story Themes for Baby Shower Ceremonies

    Posted on September 23, 2013 by admin in Event Management.

    GodhBharaiWelcoming a new member in a family is an occasion of utter happiness. And the pride and happiness multiplies when you are about to become a Grandparent to the babe. When your daughter-in-law has made you proud and happy, it is your responsibility to arrange something grand for her and the to-be-born as an expression of love and gratitude. Nothing can be more pleasant a surprise than organizing a lavish baby shower ceremony. This celebration is generally organized to bless the unborn child and the mother for their well-being. Keeping in mind the interest of both, you can definitely plan a bedtime story theme-based party. With this, you will trigger childhood memories of not just the mother, but everyone in and outside the family attending the fest. You’d be surprised to find her telling some of these stories to her baby at a later point of time.

    You can discuss the below suggested tips and ideas with your event planner in order to make the party bigger and better:

    1. Select Some Stories: As there are innumerable bedtime stories, it might be impractical to bring reference of them all in the theme. Just select the popular ones such as, the Jungle Book, the Selfish Giant, Thumbelina, Cinderella, the Gingerbread Man so on and so forth. Surf through the pictures of the characters in these stories, so that your appointed event planner may find it easy to decorate the venue as per your interest.
    2. Decorations: You can ask the event planner to arrange for some cutouts of famous characters like Mowgli, Thumbelina, Cinderella, Santa Clause, etc. so that deciding gets easy. The walls can be decorated with 3D images depicting the ballroom of Cinderella, the Jungle or the garden of the Selfish Giant. The whole atmosphere will look gorgeous and lively. Do not restrict the use of colors in a bridal shower party. Let the ambience be full of life and color.
    3. Entertainment: After the baby shower ritual is over, the mother and the guests should have entertainment other than just the spread. Organizing some shows and programs in the meantime would be a great idea. You can look for some musician, who can sing some prayers for the mother and the unborn baby. Or else let the guests raise a toast to the baby and the mother.
    4. The Lavish Cake: A Gingerbread Man or a Cinderella cake would just be perfect for the occasion. Or else, how about ordering a three tire-cake for the would-be mommy that presents pictorial illustrations of a particular story? Choose the flavor according to the mother’s preference.
    5. The Venue: Though, a baby shower ceremony is generally preferred to be celebrated in residences, there are many who may opt for rental venues. Count out the number of guests and your budget to book a venue for the purpose. Your event organizer can help in this.
    6. Games: Ask the event planner to organize a game to pacify the children guests of the ceremony. Separate the guests in different teams and ask them to line up. Just like a relay race, they would have to pass the pacifier by putting it in their mouth. Whichever team is able to keep the pacifier on a table at first, wins the game. However, you may even engage the relatives and the friends in the event of opening the gifts.
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